Wednesday, June 24, 2015

No more mullet

I sat everyone down. I said, "Now listen. Mommy is going to trim Miriam's hair. I am the ONLY one who is EVER allowed to cut ANYONE'S hair ever. For any reason. Do you understand?"

Enthusiastic, "Yes, Mom!" 's met my ears.

"If you find scissors in the yard are you to cut anyone's hair at all?"

"No, Mom!"

I continued, "If you think, 'wouldn't it be fun to cut someone's hair' because you are bored, do you do it?!"

A resounding, "no!" came in reply.

"Miriam, do you cut your OWN hair EVER?"

"No, Mama!" She chirped.

"Who can cut hair in this family?" I drilled.

"Just Mom!" They chanted.

Still disconcerted, I quickly did the deed. I gave my baby girl her first hair cut; just a trim to get rid of the mullet.

But now, I'm nervous and jumpy around scissors left laying around. I don't THINK they missed the point of our little discussion, but heck if I know.

Hopefully, no one gets balded any time soon.

1 comment:

Erin said...

She's so cute! Here's hoping she keeps all her hair. :)


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