Sunday, April 6, 2014

Oliver, who is now FIVE

Oliver, my funny boy had his birthday today. So, as we are wont to do, we celebrated a bit yesterday with a trip to the bowling alley. It was ALLLLL he wanted to do.

We have learned that here in New Hampshire (and perhaps all of New England), traditional bowling with large balls of varying weight, and pins that are fatter on bottom than on top (you know, normal bowling) simply DOES NOT EXIST.

Instead, everywhere has "candlestick bowling". There are ten skinny, uniform-shaped pins, and little balls, that all weigh about 5 pounds. That is your only option. Then everyone gets THREE tries per frame. It was a blast and super weird from what we were used to. But the smaller balls were perfect for the kids.

Even Miriam loved it and had a hard time when it wasn't her turn.

We did the traditional birthday celebrating today. A few presents.

It is hard when it's not your birthday.

Throughout the day, Oliver kept saying "thank you" for his birthday gifts. That was super cute.

Oliver wanted to pancakes for dinner, so Derek whipped them up easy peasy.

Then today, he wanted a bowling cake. (WHY bowling? I excepted "chocolate" or "strawberry" and he says "BOWLING". It's Oliver. I should have known.)

Happy Birthday to Oliver.

At five years old he:
is skinny. He is ALWAYS hungry.
is smart and excited to learn.
loves to "do school" and play outside.
loves playing dress-up.
loves "dip" of all kinds.
screeches like a banshee when his brothers cross him.
learning to be helpful.

We are grateful for him and that he is in our family!


Anonymous said...

Candle pin is more of a new england thing but "big ball" bowling is available in Merrimack at Merrimack Ten Pin :)


{B} said...

I have never heard of candlestick bowling?? I must have lived in Utah my whole life. ;)

Morgan Hagey said...

Thanks Jen! Honestly I think all of us liked the candle pin better, except Derek, who had giant hands.

Morgan Hagey said...

Brie, we'd never seen it before we moved here. It was super fun.

Anonymous said...

Super cute bowling cake! So, there's seriously no traditional bowling alleys where you bowl two times a turn? That's strange. But bet it's fun having that extra try!


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