Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Homeschool Opening Report

It occurs to me that I never did an "end of year report" but suffice it to say, we did school for the large majority of the summer, so there wasn't really ever an end. We took the last two weeks of August off though, and that was a lovely break. We returned from DC ready to tackle the craziness of a new school year.

We have Henry the cute second grader, Spencer the intrepid first grader, Oliver the determined preschooler, Ezra the demanding-to-be-read-to-er, and Miriam the learning to walk-er.

It's a challenge, balancing five small one's needs, especially when each of them firmly believes their needs to be the most needed, the most desperate and patience is a virtue with which they have not yet learned.

Utah Online has agreed to let us continue with them this year. This is a HUGE blessing, and I am so grateful. They also provided our family with a laptop, meaning we can have two computers running at the same time. Having two laptops streamlines school so much it is astonishing. 

Other good news is that Henry is much more independently-able this year. He is a much better reader (although, we're still working on it, it's a process) which means he's more capable of reading his own math instructions, for instance. It makes it a bit easier.

Spencer is learning the art of staying on task. It is much easier to just do it and get it done than wander away, play and then return to school. Plus, it makes Mom much happier if you just get it done! It's a hard lesson for this first-grade boy to learn. But I think he'll get it.

Oliver proudly tells anyone who will listen that he is in preschool, so we are making our way through the alphabet, all the while learning how to be kind, share, and not yell and scream when Mom tells you to wait two seconds while I change a bum. Preschool is hard work.

Ezra wants to do school too, so that usually simply means equipping him with a notebook and pencil and squeezing in "Mom, read this to me," when the boys are doing their math or reading.

Miriam just floats, usually nearby, often on my hip. She's decided that one nap a day is plenty, so gone are the days when school happened during nap time. Oh no. Not anymore.

It's a blessing, this homeschool thing. I know it's not for everyone. I know it's a choice we have to reevaluate each year, but right now, it in the glow and excitement of new book, subjects and laptops, I'm grateful to be surrounded all day, every day by my little people.

Ask me tomorrow if I feel the same way. ;)

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