Monday, June 10, 2013

Hiking the Hills

One of the things that was so exciting to me about moving to the east coast was the plethora of outdoor activities. Utah has plenty as well, but when they are mostly in mountains, it's hard with little kids. Out here, there are more family-friendly (as in flat-ish) areas that are super close to home. Kind of everywhere actually.

So, on Saturday, after a ton of rains on Friday and lots of errands all day long, we needed some freedom. We headed for a trail I'd wanted to check out since winter. It's got all these modern art sculpture interspersed on the trails. If you're like me and find modern art fascinating simply for the "Why is this art?" discussions, then you'd like it.

It was short and sweet and only one tick got on one person (Spencer, who squealed and screamed, even thought it was merely CRAWLING on him and not actually biting him...yet...).

Self-portrait: Miriam wasn't terribly impressed with the whole adventure.

1 comment:

Brian and Kelsey said...

You look super good in that hat and I love that Miri is wearing a bandana


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