Thursday, December 27, 2012

Post-Christmas Wrap Up

If I were to give you one piece of advice today it would be: Don't move at Christmas.

Okay, in reality, don't move at ALL, but if you MUST then don't do it at Christmas. 

Despite the running around, loading trucks in a blizzard (Not me, PROFESSIONALS!), and wall cleaning, and last minute document-notarizing, AND shopping for a car, Christmas was lovely. We've been staying at my parents' since our house is now empty, and they've welcomed us and helped us more than I can put into words. Their kindness and service is an example of how I want to grow up to be. 

Anyway, Christmas was lovely and simple since anything we opened has to be brought with us in a week and a half when we head eastward. 

The stockings were hung by the plug-in fireplace with care. 

Christmas PJs for the children and the child-less adults. (Miriam had already been sent to bed!)

Tablets and headphones for the boys. Red giraffe and stuffed llama for the girl. 

Done and Donesky. 

The Aftermath.

Christmas Dessert: Clothing optional

Merry Christmas!! 

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