Monday, December 17, 2012

Fun Times

So, we were so lucky to be able to go to the Dino Museum with my friend Michelle and her two ridiculously cute little boys.

A note about Michelle- Michelle and I met in the second grade. She's a dear friend and I'm so grateful that more than 20 years later we can still be friends.

Anyway, so we wanted to get together one more time before I drag myself all the way across the country. We met halfway between our houses and played our hearts out at the museum. They have a fabulous exhibit about sound and the boys (including my brothers who are good uncles to come play too). We spent a large chunk of time playing with things that make noise. 

See? Bat ears!

Isn't that more fun than you can imagine for little boys?

Then, somewhere near the T-rex, Ezra picked up a chick. She was ADORABLE. Here she is with him, running away and holding hands. 

Here they are again... except, wait. Her shirt is now pink. Wasn't it blue before?

Yes, yes it was.


And they were adorable. They all kept hugging and holding hands.

Then after much fun there, we made our way to my parents' house for gingerbread *coughgrahamcrackers* houses.

Which means cramming candy in our mouths while the adults in our life force us to stick some of it to gingerbread *coughgrahamcrackers*.

Good day, friends. Good day.

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