Thursday, August 30, 2012

It Grew Colder... That's Where it Ends.

Ok, so it's not really colder at all yet. 90s is not colder. And it's not over.

But, sweet summer is coming to an end.

Sure, we've been in school for three weeks, but still, it's still summer.

Having Miriam in mid-August means that we don't go a lot of places.

But, I know in just a few short weeks it'll be cool, then it'll snow.

Fall, my absolute favorite, is fleeting.

Therefore, we headed to the splash park today. I'm not sure, but I *think* they are turning the water off after Labor Day. (Labor Day weekend is THIS weekend. How does this happen? I do not know.)

I want to soak up the last drops of summer before we head into the season of going to bed in the dark (a crazy concept!) and the season where we camp on the couch in late afternoon while soup simmers on the stove and read through a stack of books. I LOVE that time of the year. I do. I love everything about it.

But, I'm old enough and aware enough to know that we gotta love the moment we're in. NO wishing our life away. No no no.  The cool/cold/rain/snow will be here soon.

Today was all about summer.

And it was fun! I love running these kids until they drop. It feels like I've fulfilled my duty as their mother when I put them in bed utterly exhausted and freshly washed after an afternoon of good times had by all.

Pat myself on the back kind of afternoon, if you will.

It was breezy enough that even little Miss was cool enough in the shade.

A dreamy day at the splash park. Oh yes.

A good afternoon indeed.

(P.S. I absolutely took a picture of Henry, but my camera ate it... trust me, he had fun!)

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