Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Much to Say

So much is going on, and really I'm so beyond exhausted I'm barely typing this.

First, we've had an insanely, non-stop non-sleeping SICK Ezra. He is still coughing and extremely grumpy at times, but on the mend, I hope.

(You can not fake misery like that!)

It's Cousin's Camp week! My amazing parents are making the cousins' time together absolutely unforgettable.

(Rock Sculptures!)

The cousins are all together on my side because Miss ALICE is getting married on Friday.

So, we're together, celebrating family in all sorts of ways.

Including a baby shower, for my sweet unnamed, soon to join us baby daughter.

The shower was BEAUTIFUL and the food delicious, the company utter delight, and the gifts so generous it made my heart smile, oh my dear sisters and mom were so kind to put it all together.

And I only took one picture, and no one emailed me the others I requested, so you'll simply have to believe me.

(the only picture.) 

And anyway, cousins camp.

Today was "corn starch and water" day. What? Didn't you know that was a day? It is.

(Is it a liquid or a solid?) 

(Oliver went crazy and made himself a corn-starch/water helmet, which, in case you were wondering, is a beast to wash out! SO MUCH FUN!)

And it is a good day.

I may pass out in utter exhaustion by the end of the week (GOTTA GET TO SUNDAY!) but it's a quality week of much activity.

I'm grateful for family this week.


Anna said...

that sounds like my week last week with my sisters wedding and all of my family in town. it was crazy, fun and wonderful to see everyone but crazy and exhausting, so I feel for you.

Anna said...
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