Thursday, June 14, 2012

And Homebound We Remain

After my homebody post, the fact that we were kept home today by vomit is a bit... funny.

Poor baby just had a miserable afternoon. Ezra alternated between dosing in my arms, crying and vomiting on me.

 The big boys were treated to a movie afternoon which hasn't happened in the middle of the week in so long I couldn't remember.

So friends, let us pray that no one else is stricken. We have family coming, a wedding and a baby shower next week. NO STOMACH FLU please! Let us pray.

PERK! While Ez and I were rocking the afternoon away in the recliner, we planned our theoretical nursery for baby girl ala Pinterest and Etsy. SO FUN!

Please vomit, be done now. PLEASE.

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