Monday, May 7, 2012

We are SO busy,

I'm discovering something: even with school and chores, there is still A LOT of day left in each day.

There are hours between our "must dos" that need filling.

What is particularly amazing to me is how easily children find ways to fill unstructured time.

Given bikes, balls, some space, some grass, dirt and good weather and their entire day is planned.

I am in love with nice weather lately.

They come in for meals and required lessons, etc, but then they slip back out again.

Baths are a nightly requirement because of the filth.

They fall into bed exhausted, and we do it all again the next day.

I'm reminded of the Calvin and Hobbes book... the days are JUST packed.

1 comment:

Alisha said...

We totally get it - and hey, we went to the same home depot project - our girls love those too. Lately my kids are building things out of rocks and climbing trees (Lillian was reading The Hunger Games so I am assuming this has something to do with it).


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