Thursday, April 26, 2012

The First One

I tried valiantly to get the picture of JUST the baby dress... but then decided the beer-gut was appropriate as it IS the first completely project for baby girl.

This sweet little dress is NEWBORN size and look at how wide it is. I used a vintage reprint from the 1950's. Were babies in the 1950's just fatter? I need to call my grandmother and ask her.

But I love how it turned out, and I loved making it. Every stitch. And every stitch removed as well. I finally got it all done today (it took me a week!). The only major mistake? I melted the lace on the back ironing it. Apparently, the fabric is cotton, but the LACE that is on the fabric is synthetic. Super NOT cool. Luckily it was salvageable. But not before I had a minor panic attack.

Anyway, won't she look pretty at her blessing?


Meaghan said...

Morgan, that is super cute! You are so talented!

Morgan -Ing said...

Thanks Megs! You're so sweet!

Anna said...

morgan I'm so excited that your having a girl!! there is something extra special about a child that is the first of its gender after following multiple children of the other gender. I think its becuase its a different experience, and they dont have to wear handmedowns. =)

Alisha said...

This is so lovely


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