Wednesday, December 28, 2011

When Good Naps Go Bad

Oliver, my very very best napper has started skipping naps.

I don't have children like some of my friends do, that nap every day until kindergarten. Sometime after their second birthday all my babies give up the great institution of napping.

I'd never ever give it up if I was them.

Anyway, so Oliver is over 2 and a half and therefore my oldest napper.

Yesterday, yes nap.

Today, no nap.

That picture there is Christmas Day. He missed his nap in his bed because he was Skyping his Grandparents and about 3:00 all the excitement had caught up with him.

So, I'll watch his naps dwindle and fail and be on life support for a couple of months until I declare "Turn off the machines" and that'll be the death of the great Ollie-nap.

(We never call him "Ollie" by the way, but that just flowed real nice like. No, you may not call him "Ollie." Sorry.)

It's a sad truth. Sad indeed.

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Clare said...

Our kids think alike. Adam will be 2 1/2 on Sunday, and his naps have been falling by the wayside. Not that he couldn't us one.


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