Monday, December 12, 2011

Rules for Holiday Driving

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(Henry and I ventured out the other day for a date. Fun? Yes!)

Today when we were ham shopping (yes that is a thing), I declared to Derek, "I want to go get everything we need from now to the new year TODAY because I don't want to leave the house again."

Hmm. Not exactly happy, I was.

See, for some unknown reason people, in their haste to do/go/be where ever seem to have left their brains at home.

They are driving like crazies.

We live in very populated area. Therefore, we shop in very populated places. Cars EVERYWHERE. People not indicating, cutting others off, zooming. Or, they are driving so slow that it makes you want to run over them.

Either way, my Christmas spirit has not extended to vehicular traffic.

So, now may I suggest some rules for driving this Holiday Season?

I may? Thank you!

1. Use your friggin' turn indicator. Yes, even in parking lots.
2. Don't drive your car while applying lipstick.
3. Don't drive while trying to eat a double-double animal style from In N Out.
4. Don't drive. Period. Take the bus. I can't take the bus because I have four children and a car that wants to be driven. But I bet you could take the bus.

Merry Christmas!


Alisha said...

Well hey; at least you were at a date and my daughters’ favorite place (ever). Did you know they have a gluten free line? Yes, yes they do bless them.

As for Christmas spirit extending to driving - nope. It doesn't. It never will. I need to go and make a return (and the store is in the mall). I won't go. I'm thinking I'd rather eat the money than drive near the mall, attempt to park without death or dismemberment, and then fight the crowds.

Good luck.

BloggingBills said...

one word: internet
That's how to shop.That's how to do everything. (Remember the issues with trying to look at lights? ) There is no reason to go anywhere that takes paper or plastic. Unless you run out of milk. Or chocolate.

Lost&Found said...


Granted, I don't know if I would call myself a great driver- however, at least I use my turn signal, every single time!

I don't want to leave the house to shop either, which probably explains why no Christmas shopping has been done yet :)

Happy weekend!



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