Thursday, September 29, 2011

News from Spencer's land

From Drop Box
You know, as a parent I can be a complete dolt. I mean, REALLY. 

For his entire life, my Spencer has risen before the sun, or at least very near to it. Truly. He's slept past 7am maybe, ten times his whole entire existence. 

And for well over a year, he's been a grump. I don't mean ALL THE TIME.  But more than I liked. I thought it was because he was three. Oh three, it's so hard. 

I would put him to bed and he'd bounce off the walls until I was insanely angry for keeping his brothers awake. 

The boy had been up since 5:30. He was exhausted. 

And awake. 

So when we moved to this house, we moved him downstairs. KEEP YOUR CRAZY TO YOURSELF. 

Yes, that kept him from keeping his brothers awake, but it didn't usually cause him to fall asleep any faster. 

People, a lightbulb went on in my head. 

Put him to bed earlier. 

I mean, DUH! So, now, he's in bed by 6:30. 

And it's like magic. 

Less melt-downs. A happier boy. 

A happier family. 

Did I mention that I'm a dolt? 

When does this parenting thing get easier?



Mandy and Chris said...

OH MY GOSH we do the exact same thing! I cannot for the LIFE of me get Cole to sleep past 5 am, so we put him to bed at 6 usually. We get SOOOO much flack (especially from the in-laws for it... "if you put him to bed later he'll sleep in"...NOT the way it works!), but it makes for a much happier baby! :) I think people underestimate how much sleep kids need sometimes.

Morgan -Ing said...

Yeah it never works that way. MORE sleep=more sleep. Strange how that works. :)


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