Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Today started out sort of "blah." You know, whiny kids (for NO apparent reason), a "to-do" list I just wasn't feeling (dishes *might* still be in the sink since yesterday), a need to get OUT (for school supply shopping!) so we did just that. Spencer and Henry were SO SO SO excited for new supplies.

On our way to Target, we got pulled over.

For expired registration. I got VERY righteously indignant when the office declared his reasons for pulling us over.

"OH NO!" I argued. "We got our car registered! The sticker is ON THERE! We replaced the WINDSHIELD! Look! See! The registration is JUNE 2011!"

"Yes. 2011..." Officer Friendly countered.

"YES! JUNE 2011! Oh... oh no! I swear! We have 2012 here somewhere!" At this point both Derek and I are tearing our glove box apart. Finally Derek finds it. We were compliant with the law, we just were accidentally practicing civil disobedience by forgetting to put the stupid sticker in place.

He let us go with a gentle reminder to stick the sticker where it belonged, which Derek did, immediately.

Then the day still slumped on, so after Derek went to work, and the babies woke from naps (MUCH TOO SHORT!) we headed to the children's museum.

Oliver LOVES horses. "Take picture... me!" demanded my cowboy. So I did.
From August 2011

Then I took this picture of Ezra and I.
From August 2011
I think I resemble a Russian babuska. Why? I don't know. Is it the length of the skirt? Probably. The bag-lady style bag, the baby strapped to my chest... I look ridiculous.

I took no pictures of Henry or Spencer. They were running wild.

We also met another Oliver EXACTLY my Oliver's age, as in born on April 6th 2009! WEIRD.

And we came home and had scrambled eggs for dinner.

Then later when I was reading our bedtime story, Oliver wandered away. I went to retrieve him, I found him on the swing set, blood gushing from his nose and maybe mouth? The weird thing was, he was calm as a cucumber, having fun, no tears. He barely noticed he was GUSHING BLOOD. I cleaned him up, (still no tears) and put him to bed.

Then I put Ezra to bed and breathed a sigh of relief. No dishes tonight. No laundry. No nothing.

I think we managed to make it through all right, police, whining and blood aside. It can be labeled a "successful" day.

Weird. But successful.


Stacy said...

I love reading your blog, because I can hear your voice telling me the story. Ok, that probably sounds a little weird and stalker-ish. Never mind.

McEuens said...

We had scrambled eggs for dinner too!!! And that is where the similarity between my day and yours ends. :) Glad things improved, though.

Tonya said...

Aren't some days (most) super, super looooong? I've been experiencing these looooong days all summer. It's so refreshing to read about someone who has boys as active as mine :) I can't seem to find enough activities to keep them occupied for an entire day - then they take to leaping from the coffee table onto the couch, or battling each other with light sabers. Ug. I hope you used your children as an excuse to the cop - I always use my children as an excuse when I forget something ;-)


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