Thursday, July 7, 2011


So, Ezra has been feeling under the weather.
From July 2011

So, we went to the very nearby school.

So the boys could play on the playground, and I could hold my squirmy baby somewhere other than my non-a/ced home.

So, we got to the playground and lo and behold there was a pile of dirt.
From July 2011
So, they played in the dirt. And ignored the playground.
From July 2011
So, they got dirty. And they had a blast. And Ezra quit crying.
From July 2011

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Sara said...

that is exactly what Orion does. We had a sand box at one point. But He got bored with it. Now, he took one of our livestock feeders (pretty much and oversized dog dish)and takes handfuls of dirt/sand from the drive way and fills the thing up. once he has maybe a quarter of an inch he sits in said feeder and has a blast for hours. it is nuts! He sits in the thing and his legs are hanging out and he only has like 4 actual inches to play in. Whatever floats the goat i guess.


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