Friday, July 29, 2011

From July 2011
Some odds n ends to take you into the weekend (I know you CAN'T live without them!):

I am up at MMB. People seem to have opinions on this bad-boy. GO see! And check the comments!

We are partying like it's 1993 over here, people. Why? Because one of the doors on our van has a broken bit rending it useless. Remember when minivans only had one door? Remember? Yeah. Me too. I'm living it. I dearly, DEARLY miss the other door. 1993 was a rough year. 

Between Spencer slicing his back open and Ezra having a double ear infection much of our time and energy (and money) has been dedicated to fixing children and making them whole again. Not my favorite. But I do so very much adore pediatrician offices who are ALWAYS open. Despite the "after-hours" charge. 

When you return home at 11pm from said doctor's office, take care not to lock your keys, purse, phone and baby antibiotics in the car. But if you do, thank your lucky stars you pay for "roadside" (or drivewayside as the case may be) assistance. Yes, at 12:34 last evening (or early this morning, I suppose) a man with his fancy tools arrived and saved my keys. And he didn't charge me a cent. Thank the Heavens above. 

Derek got me my birthday present ( a few weeks early). It is AMAZING. I am A HUGE FAN. I am in love. LOVE I declare. LOVE! AND I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT! We are gettin' busy with the fizzy. It's thrilling. Pink grapefruit flavor? My fave. 

Welpers, I think that about wraps it up from my end. I hope you're thoroughly enjoying your Friday. 


Stacy said...

You didn't tell me about the key thing! Will you hate me if I laugh a little bit?

Amber C said...

Oh dear! I laughed. You are such an adorable woman. You know how to put horrible things in a way that sounds down right humorous! I hope you get the van fixed quickly. Don't fret about locking your stuff in the car. I've locked a baby in the car before. Luckily it was running with the a/c on. The nice locksmith didn't even charge me since it was to free a child. Enjoy your fizzy! I may have to put that on my birthday list. What fun kitchen toy to have!

McEuens said...

Are you going to be making your own Diet Coke now?

Morgan -Ing said...

Indeed Maren. Indeed. They make a "diet cola" syrup. Brilliant. Yes.

Morgan -Ing said...

Stacy- Yes, it sucked.

Amber- If you can't laugh, you're dead. That's what I say. :)


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