Monday, May 23, 2011

Why I should have cleaned my kitchen last night...

So I had a dreadful headache last night and went to bed without doing the dishes.

We had people over last night.

I used every dish in the house.


So, we had cereal in paper bowls left over from when Ezra was born.
From May 2011
From May 2011
(Yes, sometimes cereal requires TWO spoons, one being a baby spoon...)

Did I get right to work after breakfast and make my kitchen shine like the top of the Chrysler Building (which has a different name now, right?)?
From May 2011
No I did not. We went to Home Depot and bought $50 worth of stuff to make our swamp cooler work.

Then, because of the aforementioned kitchen disaster, we had lunch at In N Out.

Then did I put the babies to bed and scrub my kitchen until it sparkled?

No I did not. Because of wonky schedules lately, we have been missing date day. So I took Henry on a date.

I bought $14.00 worth of cup cakes to give to my ladies I visit teach. I had intended to bake them cookies. But remember my kitchen?

Then we went to the Petco and played with "for adoption" kittens which were so cute it made me want to take them home. But I didn't. Because I wish to stay married.

Did I come straight home and clean up my kitchen to my mother's cleanliness standards?

No I did not.

Upon walking in the door, I dropped $14.00 worth of cupcakes on the ground. They fell, frosting side down.
From May 2011
And now I'm blogging about it. Derek is on a date with Spencer and agreed to pick up replacements. I am eating a cupcake because while I am above giving away cupcakes coated in dust, I am not above eating cupcakes coated in dust. It is a very fine distinction. Plus, they were $14.00.

I'm really wondering what we're going to do about dinner, because it's 3:25 and well. The kitchen still looks like this:
From May 2011


BEK said...

amusing. It can feel overwhelming too thought. Hopefully you continue to find the amusement in it.

Alisha said...

We had people over last night too. And I sort of washed all the dishes (meaning I washed them all with hot water and soap by hand but need to sterilize them). See, I did this all while the company was there (and then I vacuumed). Because, well, my sanity was worth more than my propriety. But now I have about 5 or 6 loads of dishes for the dishwasher to sterilize and I haven't started either. We went to the grocery store and bought things like fruit and (gasp) lunchables. Whatever. It worked.

Good luck!

heather said...

I love that you can post pictures of your kitchen. I love it. And, I'm not above a little dust either. ;)

Morgan -Ing said...

Bek- I try, oh how I try. :)

Alisha- I know! If it hadn't been for the raging migraine I would have probably at least rinsed them off, ya know? The final pot was washed this morning. Sheesh.

Heather- Yeah. I'm not afraid. :) I figure, if I can sort of crack at this "everyone ELSE is perfect and I suck" mentality, by showing that we all have our perfect/suck moments, then, well, I've done my job. :)

Annie-Savor This Moment said...

That was awesome. I would have totally eaten a dusty cupcake, too.

A Mormon Mommy said...

Oh man!! That sounds like my life!! Some days you just can't catch a break!


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