Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Link Day!

In honor of Mother's Day, (I KNOW IT WAS YESTERDAY!) I am giving you, dear friend, a gift.

See, I am so blessed with incredible women in my life, who teach and inspire me on a daily basis (or almost!) in real life and on the internets.

I had this really awesome idea to give you a PRESENT! But in this case, FOUR presents.

So my gift to you, today, is a bunch of women who write seriously good stuff. The links I give are people I either haven't ever met in real life or are people I initially met here on the interwebs and have since met.

Get it? So if you're my sister, you didn't make the list.

No offense sister. LOVE YOU!

So, here we go.

First up, ME. I wrote a Book Review for BLOGHER about a fantastic book called Girl In Translation. Read the review. Then read the book. It's AMAZING!

Next: This funny FUNNY mama not only runs her tush off, she teaches early morning seminary, helps her hubby with his business, and mamas her two cute kids. She is SO cool. Read her. You'll like her.

This particularly talented mom has two kids too! AND she is a musician AND she lives in Wisconsin and completely hates it. She has "gigs" in between diapers. She is crazy talented and is raising crazy talented kids too. IMPRESSIVE!

This mom is just too cool for words. She has four kidlets, her own violin studio, navigates the crazy medical world, doulas and basically makes me look bad. HAHA! Just kidding, she is incredible. I am SO blessed to be able to call her my friend.

So happy belated Mother's Day because creating a home and a family in this crazy world and then keeping it all together is a challenge, and some seriously good reading material to let you know you're not alone is SUPER HELPFUL, I promise.

Read them.
Follow them.
Love them.

Happy Mother's Day!


Stacy said...

You're fabulous, Morgan. Thanks for the love!

Morgan -Ing said...

You're awesome. :)


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