Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Confession...

So, since we've made the change to Spencer sleeping in his own room, I am discovering something...

I like mornings.

SHUT UP! I know!

To be clear, I like mornings that start AFTER 7:00. If I'm really spoiled, 7:30!

5:30 is still ridiculous, and never a good time for me. Middle of the night, that is.

But when there is a bit of light creeping up over the mountains, yeah, that kind of morning I like.

I am finding joy in dragging my keister out of bed. Derek usually gets up and takes the kids downstairs (what will I do when he works 40 hours away from home??? So spoiled!) and I head on into the kitchen. The lights get turned on, the dog is sent out, the morning meal is prepared. I like "waking up the house."

It's morning! A new day!

I'm starting to see why my kids are so annoyingly happy in the morning.

We've discovered that cold cereal, while thoroughly loved by my children, is not enough breakfast to keep them full past 8:30 in the morning! So, I've taken to making breakfast. Cuz it's not like I had anything better to do, right? Some warm muffins and hot chocolate out of the Cocoa-latte (not for me, it's not worth my weight watchers points!) seems to just kick off the day better than early morning grumps and chaos.

I like mornings. Getting started with a day seems more peaceful, more how it should. And since we've got really no where we MUST be in the mornings, it's all the better.

Did I mention that I am spoiled? I know, I am!


Anonymous said...
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Morgan -Ing said...

I do not like the spam comments. NO I do not.


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