Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Update of the Week!

Yesterday we celebrated Derek's 32nd birthday. It worked out that he had to go to work, so the boys and I were able to get stuff together. The problem lies in little boys who truly can not keep a secret. I tried to them to say to their dad, "We got you NOTHING for your birthday," and they did all right. Except for Spencer. He took every opportunity throughout the day to ruin the surprises for Derek. He just couldn't help himself. "We got you a blanket, Daddy!" was heard more than once. Sigh. Derek also received in the mail a new car seat and a birth pool. Happy Birthday right?

So, Happy Birthday to Derek. We love you, man. :)
From Nov 2010

Oliver is in that stage where he just wants to be with me. I mean, I love that he loves me. It's pretty darn clear that he adores me to DEATH, but when I need to just run to the potty (I'm 37.5 weeks preggo, it HAPPENS A LOT) I would prefer if he could just patiently wait for my return, rather than 1. Demand to be included (and let me tell you, his TP skills are not what they need to be... WAY too much!) or 2. Cry until I open the door. It's very sad. Trouble is, he's so freaking adorable I have trouble not giving him exactly what he wants whenever he exactly wants it. BAD! But see?
From Nov 2010

Henry has taken to making "formula" which is just usually soapy water, in a water bottle, mixed with... um... things. Like leaves or dirt, or bits of paper. Then he gets frustrated when they don't turn the colors he was hoping. "Why isn't it blue, Mommy?" Well, because dirt isn't usually blue.

Spencer is the slowest eater on the planet, but it's kind of cute! Last night long after everyone else had finished their birthday cheesecake and drifted away, he remained, taking slow bites of cake and ice cream, all the while making his spoon and fork have fights and conversations. I was washing dishes while Derek assembled the new car seat, so I got to have a front row seat to his own little world. I fell in a love a little bit more with that boy. It was SOOOO funny.
From Nov 2010

Cute boys!

And on the "me" front, my insides are enjoying pretending to work on sending baby earth-ward. It's NOT FUN! It's fine, it's not new, but seriously, if the contractions HAVE to happen literally all day long (and all night) do they have to hurt? For three more weeks? Really? I am absolutely fine remaining pregnant for three+ more weeks, but the contractions, dude! Give me a freaking break!

There. Wasn't that nice? Isn't it fun for me to update you?

I know, you're welcome.

(P.S. I hate it when people write "your welcome." It literally makes me cringe.)


McEuens said...

Ummm, are you sure you'll have three more weeks to go? Maybe this baby wants to set himself apart from his brothers and stage a surprise arrival much earlier than expected. Do (painful) ctxns usually start this early for you?

McEuens said...

Oh and happy birthday, Derek! Car seat and birth tub? Awesome presents!

Erin said...

I'm with Maren on this one...perhaps baby Hagey is ready earlier than anticipated. :-)
Also, the boys are adorable.
That is all.

TJDKG said...

WEll. you're welcome... =)

and I wanna see carseat you know you can't mention new carseat and not show me... how dare you.

and wouldnt it rock if you had the baby early? I'll hope for your sake you do.

Morgan -Ing said...

Jauna- it's just another Radian. Oliver is still rear facing, so we squeezed all three in the back. YAY! And then the baby can go in the evenflo triumph in the second row. Nothing exciting. :)

TJDKG said...

ha nothing exciting.. that's a joke it IS exciting and you know it.. I want to see all 3 in the back seat.. I'm determined to get my Radian XTSL in Flora when we get our tax return. I'm not even asking I'm just buying. I'm bad I know. but I NEED it. Gracie's still rear facing and I plan on keeping it that way for a while. YES everyone my 3yr old is Rear facing. I'm also thinking about how with the newer Radians how long you can rear face and have considered turning Kyleigh back in one.. she'd let me and she'd like it. I just wish the Radian's latch was more like the britax.


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