Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Getting Real.

I had a less than stellar mommy-moment this evening that when all was said and done, I had to fully say out loud "That was Mommy throwing a tantrum." Because it was. Seriously. Embarrassing. I am totally ashamed of myself, and swear that tomorrow, when Spencer refuses to TAKE OFF HIS CLOTHES AND GET IN THE BATH that I will NOT stomp and yell, and threaten and forcefully remove his clothing (which only made him LAUGH, which made me even more angry!).

BAD mommy! I gotta say though, nothing makes me more furious than when my kids laugh at my parenting-attempts. Now, to be fair, I assume I am quite comical. "You mean, you want me to do what? HAHA, Mom, you're a hoot!" I mean, it was absolutely ridiculous of me to except that my three-year-old do exactly what I said, when I said it right? He's three. He's a stinker.

But the laughing. Oh that just about pushes me to the brink of insanity. NO! You're not supposed to LAUGH! You're supposed to cry at the cruelty that is me sitting on you and removing your clothes! IT IS NOT FUNNY! NO IT'S NOT!

And then, here I am, three hours later going, "I bet that WAS funny. I was acting like a complete and utter moron."

But still. I shouldn't have done it. My intentions were not to be funny. They were to make him UPSET. That's not nice.

See? Guilt and remorse are my companions for the evening. Each day, I literally say to myself, "I will strive to not do ANYTHING to my children that will cause me to feel guilty tonight." And most days, well, most are good.

But Spencer went and ruined it.

All because of the bath.

The stinker.


Manda said...

I think the lesson here is: No more baths! :)

Joking aside though, I love reading your blog because it make me want to be a better mom. You're awesome morgs!

The Wolford Family said...

I think that when he refuses to take off his clothes for a bath put him in the bath clothes and ALL!!!!

TJDKG said...

I wont admitt how many times that has happened. and I hate when it does. Seriously. and when they laugh its like adding fuel man.

ohh i like the idea of bathing fully clothed but that's more work for you and you're luck would be that he'd like it.


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