Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Best EVER!

Okay, I won't lie, I'm really REALLY enjoying the whole "preschool" thing right now. It's so fun for me! We're just making our ways through the alphabet right now, and it's pretty basic, fun work.

The boys love pulling out their school supplies and getting to work. Henry is really getting good at writing his letters. Spencer, not so much, but he is almost two years younger than Henry. I'm not too worried. 

Yesterday was "H is for Henry," which was a blast to get ready for. We decorated sugar cookie "H's." Spencer was VERY VERY offended that "H" is NOT for Spencer. And S is a couple of weeks away. Poor dear.
Then today was "I is for Ice Cream." So we made OBB's "One ingredient ice cream" and added chocolate sauce. 

Seriously, FUN!. 

Oh, and incidentally, "I" is also for "In N Out." 
I'm just sayin'.

And Oliver, because, well, look at him!

1 comment:

TJDKG said...

Your baby isn't a baby anymore.. he's huge!

and way to go Henry! and what happened to pbs preschool... I can't believe you've abandoned them the way you have... just sayin..


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