Friday, August 13, 2010

Mornings, continued.

Thanks for the thoughts about our early morning issues, everyone.

It's just soooooo early.

We have tried a later bedtime, to no avail. SAD.

They live in a room with no windows, so we call it the Bat Cave. (Don't tell the fire department!) It's PITCH BLACK when the lights are out. I have NO IDEA how they know it is morning in the most technical sense. Truly.

But, lately, I have been trying to be a better mom, despite disliking the morning hours. It's hard, let me tell you.

I really REALLY need to continuously be making an effort to work harder, to do more, to be more, just MORE to my kidlets.

I'm over at MMB today sharing an idea I received as a brilliant piece of advice. When I'm working HARD at it, everyone is much much happier. When I'm being my natural, lazy butt of a self, we struggle. Give it a whirl!

1 comment:

Carly said...

I agree Morgs. I need to be more too and I struggle with that a lot.

But I'm so sorry your kids get up so early. I read your last post and thought..OH HELL NO would that fly in my house. But like you have a choice. ;)


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