Monday, July 19, 2010

Boy or Girl?

Well, let's hash it out folks.

Every time you have a baby the chances are 50/50 right? I mean in terms of what kind of baby you end up with. 

And we all know (although King Henry VIII did not) that men determine baby's gender, right? 

So, shouldn't it stand to reason that regardless of the fact that all my children thus far are BOYS that it is indeed possible that this baby would be a girl? 

Why does this thought tend to make me quake into the depths of my soul?

It's not that I don't WANT a girl or WANT a boy. I do, I'd take either. Honest. 

But see, I *know* boys. 

Being a girl, you'd think I'd *know* girls too. 

But I don't. 

I am not entirely sure I'm equipped to handle the D-R-A-M-A that accompanies small females into this life. Henry is my kid for drama. I can barely handle HIS. 

I am so deeply entrenched in super heros and airplanes, cars and dirt that the idea of pink and lacy makes VERY nervous. 

If this baby is a boy, then we'll just carry on as always. 

If it's girl, we'll just carry on as always as well. Just with pink. 

See why this is so weird to me? If you're the mother of both genders, I imagine it's strange to hear me lament as such. But if you've got just one or the other, you feel me, right? 


Either way, tomorrow, assuming baby #4 is cooperative, we'll know. And I can start getting used to whatever is coming. We're thrilled regardless. It'll just be nice to know. 

Squishy best be showing the goods, or Squishy is grounded. 


Carolyn C. said...

Morgan, darling.

It seems to me that you're assuming that if you do have a girl, she'll want to wear pink all the time and play with dolls and watch Mommy do her makeup. Just because you have a girl DOESN'T mean that you have to break out the pink and lace. Girls can play with dinosaurs and trucks and airplanes just as well as boys can. It's probably better for them too, because it'll help with their imagination and learning.

Alisha said...

If it helps, I agree with Carolyn. I was a massive tom-boy and my mom was all into lace and frilly disgusting crap. And i ended up with some well rounded (pink loving-bug hunting-dinosaur playing-barbie adoring) girls. It all works out and you'll do great

Alisa and Jared said...

I feel ya! We're still practicing calling Ethan a HIM, not a HER. We finally discovered that if we dress him in BOY clothes (that have been opposed to the gender neutral clothes we had from the girls)...that it makes this transition a bit easier. I'm cleaning boy parts...and maybe by the time this boy fakes his first gun, I'll be used to the idea...

I hope you share the results TODAY!

Amber C said...

Hagey Girls Rule! I'm not biased or anything! :)
Either way it will be a gorgeous child and well loved.

Anna said...

I don't understand boys at all. All I know is drama x 3. Love them and wouldn't change it of course. But trust me you'll love getting out that pink and well my girls don't do lace. =) Its fun to paint their nails and put make up on them for fun. Its fun to see them be who they are and regardless of the gender, they are born with personality. My girls love everything girly but they also enjoy trucks and trains etc. I hope its a girl so you get a little of both, just like I hope my next is a boy so I can have a little of each. =)

Yasmine said...

Ya know, when Hunter was born I was terrified of boys-- but you're right-- it's all I know. I wouldn't know what to do with a girl. I'm so with ya on this, and excited to hear what it is!!!!


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