Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Where's Waldo?

From June 2010
Where have we been?
The short answer is: Seattle.

The LONG answer is as follows:

Boise, Idaho
Meridian, Idaho
Nampa, Idaho
Bellevue, Washington
Seattle, Washington
Everett, Washington
Mulkilteo, Washington
A ferry on Puget Sound
South Whidbey Island, Washington
Overlake Hospital, Bellevue Washington
Kirkland, Washington
Medina, Washington
Nampa, again
Boise, again
Countless gas stations
Many grocery stores
2 pharmacies
Several beaches
A few playgrounds
Many a fast-food restaurant
A couple rest areas
The side of the highway

Basically, we should be forbidden to travel. Know why? Because every time we do, people vomit. And in this case, much MUCH worse.
From June 2010
A random horse parked outside a gas station.

Before I get to the bad, let me say we actually had a ton of fun, really we did. Road trips can be a blast. And this one was.
From June 2010
Pike Place Market

We spent exactly 3 hours in the city of Seattle. We went to Pike Place Market, because I am fairly certain it's illegal not when you're a tourist. Derek and I enjoyed it, and the children did not.

From June 2010
Oliver hating Pike Place Market. 

So we beat feet outta there and headed up to a cute little place called Everett. (It is OFFICIAL, Derek and I are NOT urbanites!) (We literally did not set foot in the city of Seattle for the rest of our trip to Seattle. AWESOME!)

 We found a farm with cute animals, and ended up on a ferry to a beautiful place called South Whidbey Island. If I had to pick a final resting spot for myself, I think this island would be it. Gorgeous. Trees + Water+ Cool air + Not sleeping outside? My idea of a perfect vacation. The kids LOVED it.
From June 2010
My children accosting a baby cow. Poor thing.
From June 2010
It was VERY windy on the ferry.

From June 2010
Derek showing the boys where the ferry was headed.
From June 2010
Finding seashells and rocks to take home. 

We also hit some beach land on the main land and just basically had a blast. The kids traveled exceptionally well, with perhaps the minor exception of Oliver, who is still rear-facing in the car and therefore, not able to watch the DVDs on constant loop.

We enjoyed some fantastic food. We got to see some good friends. It was a wonderful trip.
From June 2010
From June 2010
From June 2010

Now for the bad stuff:
There were SEVERAL incidents of vomit. 2 from me (pregnant), 1 from Oliver (car sick) 2 from Henry (croup.)

There was ONE incident of me calling 911. Henry came down with croup literally out of nowhere at 4:30 one morning. Croup unto itself would not warrant a call to professional help, but his was far worse than a cough. In the matter of about two minutes he went from coughing until he vomited to having his airways so restricted he could neither talk nor really breathe too terribly well. So, I did something I hoped I never do and called 911.

I was only slightly hysterical and got my freaking self together quickly. But still. Babies who can't breathe are not my favorite.

The paramedics were fantastic and ended up transporting Henry and I to the hospital, where it took a solid six hours to get him breathing properly.

I was fighting off feelings of being REALLY stupid, and "why did I call 911?" when the main paramedic showed up at the ER to talk to me. He was just checking in and remarked that he was SO glad I'd called and we did the right thing. Clearly, Henry needed help beyond the steam of the hot shower.

So, Henry was miserable for the remainder of the trip.

Now we're all dying of a cold, (which is how the croup got started in the first place). Driving home was pure misery because of it. I have more pictures which are currently MIA, but I'll get them up eventually.

Suffice it to say, while the trip was fun (mostly) we are DONE going anywhere, ever. Something horrible ALWAYS happens. :)

But we survived. And we're home. And we (in all our virus-covered misery) watched 12 straight hours of movies today. (Thank you Netflicks for your instant stream.)


Kara said...

Oh my gosh Morgan! That is so scary with Henry! I'm glad he's alright and that things went well in the end.

~L said...

Morgan! That's my home!!! Ahhh....glad you guys enjoyed it except for the awful scary emergencies! That would be so scary!! I hope I never have to call 911. But it was great hearing you talk about Seattle! Oh I love the Ferry rides! Haven't been on one in a few years. You missed an awesome childrens museum in Everett but that's okay! :) We went to it for the first time on our vacation to Seattle/Family last summer. Anyways, Hope you all get better soon!


The Martos Fudge said...

I am so sorry you all got sick... I hope everyone recuperates quickly. I am glad you had fun. One of the funnest road trips we took was to Oregon from Florida. Long but so fun.

The Idaho Olsens said...

Morgan, I would have loved to see you guys while you were driving through...if you are ever back up this way you can always crash here... we are in will have to stop next time!!

Morgan -Ing said...

Tara! I had no idea you guys were in Nampa. I knew Idaho (duh!) but not Nampa! I'm really sorry we missed you. Our kids were sick and miserable, so you wouldn't have had fun. :)

Alisa and Jared said...

Holy cow! That's awful! So glad you were with it enough at 4:30 am to call 911, and get him to the hospital! So scary!

Hope the traveling wasn't too bad with being pregnant...ugh...I just threw up and threw up with car trips this pregnancy!

Whidbey Island IS awesome...and SOOO much more preferable than Seattle! Those city people can HAVE their cities!

Braden said...

I'm glad there were good parts. Car trips are actually one of my favorite things to do with my families. Vomit tends to minimize the fun, though.


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