Monday, May 24, 2010

What do you do

on a late day in May, when all the world is WHITE?

From May 2010
You watch Scooby Doo, and eat toast too.
From May 2010
From May 2010
You bake cookies and double them for days when it's NOT snowing and you're NOT trapped in your house.

You curl up on your couch and wonder why your mean humans dragged you from the warmth and sun of Vegas to live in the freaking Arctic.
From May 2010
You dress your children in sweats and warm shirts and turn the heat up and the swamp cooler off.

You replan your dinner since tonight was SUPPOSED to be "on the grill" night.

You consider hitting the children's museum. But what if every other snowed-in mother decides the same?

You smear a tub of Vaseline all over your whole body. WAIT, that's only if you're Oliver.

You snuggle little boys while you fight off pregnancy nausea (that is only getting WORSE!).

You vacillate between going to the store for your weekly grocery trip, or just eating nothing but cookies, toast and cereal all day long.

And you count your blessings for a warm place to snuggle in when the snow falls relentlessly on a late day in May.


TJDKG said...

You live in Vegas so you don't have snow.. especially in almost June! =)

Alisa and Jared said...

Yup...that's me today, too!

Chelsea said...

I think my favorite is the bit about Oliver and the Vaseline. Ohhhh what a mess! I guess we all cure boredom in our own, very unique way.

The Martos Fudge said...

I am sorry, it's so cold over there. Hopefully soon enough summer will be there...

Yasmine said...

Wait...snow? I don't want to come visit you anymore!

Braden said...

It does look very cozy! So weird that it snowed in May, though! Buidling snowmen for Memorial Day is a little unusual


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