Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You know you're stressed when...

you dream all about Miley Cyrus.

And it doesn't even strike you as strange at all.

In my dream, dear Miley was LDS and in fact, in our ward.

And I wondered (in my dream) if anyone ever just accosted her at church because, HEL-LO she's like a SUPERSTAR!

(Who knew my dream-self LOVED Miley Cyrus so much? I sure didn't.)

So, in my dream, I decided to go ahead and get all star-struck and run up to her shouting, "You're MILEY CYRUS! HANNAH MONTANA AT OUR CHURCH!"

And then, I woke up to Oliver. THANK GOODNESS. Because that ridiculous-ness just needed to be over.

The packing is well underway. We pack the truck on Saturday. I have no idea if we'll be ready. I am trying oh so hard to NOT have 9 boxes labeled, "Misc. CRAP" like I usually do. In fact, so far I only have one of those. But it's not technically "Misc CRAP" it's "Misc BABY CLOTHES" because every time I think I've got all the sizes all organized and separated I find more.


Just like my Miley Cyrus dream.

Guys, I am DYING over here. DYING I say.

Anyway, Derek is currently anxiously engaged in building an extremely large box to hold his scooter. (It's no wimpy 50cc thing, it's a HUGE monster of a scooter that wishes it was a motorcycle). And he keeps yelling "STOP CALLING ME!" because "work" (where he is NO LONG EMPLOYED) keeps calling and bugging him.

And I have yet to get my children dressed for today. It's 2:37 pm, so I'm guessing it's just not gonna happen.


Just like my Miley Cyrus dream.

Send a prayer heavenward for us. Good gravy we need all the help we can get.


TJDKG said...

Oh my goodness. Kyleigh would love it if your dream were true!

I was just going to call and see when you guys were leaving.. =( no fun no fun at all! And I can't believe his work keeps calling thats INSANE! Did you guys find someone to rent your place?

Amber C said...

1. Good Gravy? So Gma Willis! Next you'll be saying D@$# it Derek! Like she would to Gpa.
2. The move is a good move, breathe. I'm in the opposite boat of boxes, I have to send Dave in the shallow attic to find the girl baby clothes boxes. There's 3-4 of them somewhere in there.
3. Let the kids run around in diapers and undies, they love it and it saves you clothes to wash. They won't mind a bit!
We love you guys and pray for you often. Let me know if there's anything I can do from here. Obviously at 7 months, I'm not travelling (or I'd try!).

class said...

看到大家都留言,我也來留個言支持!!!加油囉 ........................................

Alisa and Jared said...

You must have watched Miley on American Idol, huh?!

Good luck with the packing. I know what you mean about packing all of the baby clothes by sizes...and then you find stragglers. :::sigh:::

You can DO it!!
(p.s. can you read Asian Characters in the other comment posted?! Ha!)

Morgan -Ing said...

I am attempting to breathe. :)

Yasmine said...

I didn't know you knew chinese.

I really wish our boys knew each other. I'm listening to them in the other room going, "Did you fart? How bout now? Fart again!"

Maybe they shouldn't be friends...


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