Monday, March 8, 2010

Are you sick of me yet?

Are you tired of me complaining about moving yet? Are you sick to death of me griping about boxes, and downsizing, and crap?

Too stinking bad.

Did you know that I have made five trips to the Deseret Industries in the last week? The back of my van loaded to bursting, full of toys (OH THE TOYS!) clothes (STUPID SIZE SIXES) and other nonesuches.

And do you know what?


My house looks 'zactly the same. EXACTLY!

Why is that? I want to know.

It's ridiculous, that's why.

Actually, I was starting to believe I'd made a dent in the CRAPTASTICNESS that is all the stuff we have. Really, I was.

The house was neat, and orderly. Things were put away in the vain hope that someone would see my add on Craigslist or and decide to come SEE the house and then RENT the house.

Boo. No one did. Some very rude woman led me to believe not once but TWO TIMES that she was "coming, just now!" to see the house. She did not. We are NOT friends.

Anyway, so it was all orderly and I was proverbially AND literally patting myself on the back for a job well-done on the downsizing. It was FANTASTIC.

Then, the weekend.

Well, mostly just Sunday. What is it with Sundays, anyway? I want to know. (Saturday was fantastic. We partied like rock stars with my friend Yaz and her funny husband. TOO MUCH FUN!)

So, now here we are, on Monday. The house is THRASHED and TRASHED. And I think to myself, "WHAT???? WHERE IS ALL THIS CRAP COMING FROM?"

And now I am angry. Angry because clearly, I have not visited the DI nearly enough to get rid of anywhere NEAR enough stuff.

CLEARLY we still have too much stuff. I don't want to pay for a 10x20x10 storage space. I don't even want to pay for a 10x15x10 one. I need it to be nice and square. 10x10x10. I need to get rid of 5 square feet of stuff.

DANG IT. So, rather than organize, and de-crapify this fine day, I have been sitting around, gluing beans to paper with the boys, drinking Diet Coke, doing the dishes (wondering where the fragging heck all these dishes came from anyway) and telling the dog to get off the couch.

Sounds like the fullest of the full in terms of daily activities.

I hate moving. But you knew that already, yes?


The Wifey said...

A-freaking-MEN! Oh my gosh where does it come from? Does crap reproduce? Because it sure feels like it! It is ridiculous! And I keep thinking, "WHY DO I HAVE THIS? and WHY HAVE I BEEN LETTING IT TAKE UP SO MUCH SPACE?!"


TJDKG said...

I think the crap does reproduce. you turn around and there are like quadruple the amount that was there the day before. doesnt matter how much you get rid of or how big of a dent you make you cant tell unless you get rid of everything i guess.

Alisa and Jared said...

I can sympathize :-) I've had to do it every 6 months for the past 8 years!!

BloggingBills said...

Oh baby! I packed 8 boxes of'crap' today:boxes of books and such from Odyssey that either I or Kelsey will need someday and so I packed them. AND YOU CAN'T EVEN TELL!So I totally get it. I only have 5 rooms to pack up before you get here and a bed, desk and tv to sell on And I do it all without diet Coke cuz it's LENT!

Yasmine said...

Yeah, we did party. Too late. I feel bad cause you probably didn't get any sleep. (Ok, not bad enough to regret it, it was fun.=)
What's insane is that after we left your house we went to the Bellagio and didn't go to bed til 2:30!

Amber C said...

I'm glad you were gluing beans to paper. That's the most important thing! Remember that! Every 3 months or so I go through a toy overhaul and toss out fast food toys the kids got or toys that have been broken since the last clean out. It never seems to diminish! We're all there in did you put it...craptasticness. No matter what, we love you and pray for you guys. Don't worry, you'll get the house rented. It will be Okay!

Anonymous said...



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