Thursday, January 14, 2010


Ya'll, my thoughts are a bit discombobulated at the mo'. I'm trying to siphon it all down into comprehesible drivel rather than ridiculous drivel.

You know how that goes, right?

ANYWAY! Want to hear about my NYR? (New Year's Resolutions, get the with the program!) No? Too bad.

So, I read these articles. (Sidenote: ANYONE who knows me knows that I read things, I commit them to gospel-truth and then my life is changed. Seriously, my poor grandmother begged me to STOP reading and START parenting when Henry was a baby. I can't help myself. The written word is truth to me. Like I said, it's crazy.)

The articles discussed two points that are basically the same: FOOD vs CRAP and EDIBLE vs FOOD.

The dealio is (the Reader's Digest versions for you all) is just because something is edible does NOT make it food.

For example:

Butter= FOOD
Margarine= Edible crap.

Cheddar Cheese= FOOD
American Cheese= Edible crap.

Get it?

So, for our New Year, we have banned ALL (okay, fine, MOST) EDIBLE CRAP from our home. It's going pretty well too.

The main downfall is (and will forever be, worlds without end, amen)
Diet Coke.

Don't judge me, I'm only human.

But, it's nice. We're cooking more, we're eating healthy, the boys are learning about healthy vs not so much vs occasional treat. I'm actually really enjoying it.

So, there ya go. Our NYR. The rest of them are things like, "Exercise" and "Get un-fat" and they are going okay as well. But I will not bore you with the details.

And in closing, an "ONLY IN VEGAS" tidbit for you:

Please, imagine  a man, a woman and chimpanze coming out of Sam's Club with a cart full of bananas.

I am not making this up.


Emily said...

Get 'Feeding the Whole Family' by Cynthia Lair asap. Seriously, it's great. It's a fantastic primer on cooking using fresh, whole FOOD. And every recipe has a way to incorporate babies or toddlers into the meal, like 'reserve some of the cooked carrots/rice/quinoa and blend them for babies' or suggestions for dipping sauces for toddlers to enjoy. That way it's less work for you, and the family is really eating together. I've loved it as I've broadened my eating spectrum. Good luck!

Chelsea said...

If you're serious about this reading problem, do NOT read the Skinny B**** books that I've bought. Yes, they are insightful, but they are EXTREMELY opinionated. They really know how to work statistics/ studies in their favor, and they don't let on that you may have read other studies or know other things about what you're reading. They told me that coffee is the devil's spawn, and that yogurt and cheese are his minions. They went a little off the deep end there.

Erin said...

I'm right there with you; since Isaac started his push to get back in shape (whilst dragging me only somewhat willingly behind...), we got rid of all "crap" in the house. We eat a lot better and a lot less. Both are probably a good thing. I've never been a huge fan of super-processed foods, but it is rather interesting that so much of what we eat is really in the "crap" category. For example, try finding bread without high fructose corn syrup in it. It's super fun and educational. And expensive, but that's another thing entirely. Good luck with the NYR!

Morgan -Ing said...

Thanks for all the tips! I really appreciate it. And Erin, I never thought about bread! I'm totally going to start looking. Crazy.

Amber C said...

Emily, I think I may look that book up at the library. Sounds interesting.
As for crap vs. food. I've been looking for a long time. For Christmas I got a wheat grinder because I have been making my own whole wheat bread (Yum!). Erin,I have a friend who calls white bread "white death" since there really isn't any nutritional value. I must admit, like everyone, I have my weaknesses. With this pregnancy I cannot get enough of cheese puffs. When I think about what they are in reality I get grossed out, but then this darn baby decides that they are heavenly to eat. I'm struggling. Great NYR Morgs, you've inspired me.

The Wolford Family said...

Ummmm I want Astro Burger!!!

The Nelsen Family: said...

Eliminating edible crap...great NYR! I have a few friends who are really into this line of thinking and they're horrified by how awful white bread is for's a weakness for me though! I just don't. Like. Wheat bread. I don't! Never have. I try every now and then, but ugh. And then if you go and try and get it without corn syrup, it's even harder. I've also got to work on my Dr. Pepper if you work that out with the Diet Coke, let me know how!

jauna said...

How's the non crap eating going?? So does that mean you're off of Sugar too? I'll have to find my friends blog for you,she rocks at this stuff and has been helping me. I think you should just go off the know you want to. ;)


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