Monday, January 11, 2010

Heartbreak, 4-year-old style

Last Sunday (not yesterday, but the one before that) Henry brought home an invitation to the PANCAKE PARTY! It was for the children to meet their new Sunday School teachers. It was to be held on Saturday at the church.

Well, trying to explain to a four-year-old that Saturday was FAR away wasn't the easiet thing in the world. Henry was beyond excited about this party. Something about putting the words, "pancake" and "party" together got him all worked up.

Every day he would as me, "Is today the pancake party?" Or "Is today Saturday?" We talked of almost nothing else for nearly a week.

On Friday (the day before said PANCAKE PARTY) I had a funny feeling about it all, and decided not to tell Henry that the next day was Saturday and therefore the day of his much anticipated party. He asked when it was, and I reminded him "Saturday" but didn't clarify beyond that.

Friday at dinner, Derek declared joyfully, "TOMORROW IS SATURDAY HENRY!" and well. I'm surprised Henry was able to sleep for the thrill of it all. I was a bit apprehensive for some reason about it all. But, I figured, "Meh, it's fine if he knows it's tomorrow."

So, it was all arranged that Derek would take Henry and possibly Spencer if he threw a fit about being excluded. Seriously, it was akin to Christmas Eve at our house that night.

Then. 9:38pm. My phone rings. I figured it was a client. It was not. It was the 2nd Counselor in the Primary calling to inform us that due to a schedule issue, the Pancake Party had been cancelled.


I literally said to her, "You do realize you are breaking my four year old's heart, right?" She apologized again. It just couldn't be helped. BLAHBLAHBLAH.

I teared up. No lie. I was SO frustrated. I KNEW we shouldn't have told Henry it was in the morning. I KNEW this was going to happen. I was just so bummed that I was going to have to be the one to tell him his dreams had been dashed.

The next morning, Henry asked when Daddy was going to get up and take him to his party. When I broke the news, it was not pretty. To add insult to SERIOUS injury, Derek had signed up to clean the church that morning, so he took the boys and went only to find that ANOTHER WARD was having THEIR pancake party. Derek had to leave because both boys were completely hysterical.

So, we had our own pancake party at home.

Moral of the story: CHECK THE CALENDAR before you schedule parties for little children. It's NOT fun to have to tell them they don't get to go.

Oh, and another random little tidbit: If you are an employer, and payday comes and goes, please don't "forget" to pay your employee. It's likely the employee's wife, who needs to go to the store, will hunt you down and shank you.



Jen said...

Bummer! Ethan loves the primary breakfast--he talks about it for weeks!

Emily said...

We tried to do the same thing for our primary, and also had scheduling issues. Luckily we didn't get so far as send out invites though :). Because, yeah, you'd have a lot of sad kids. Our stake scheduling has had some problems with online vs not online and people thinking they had the building reserved when they actually didn't. Let's hope it was something like that, not that they didn't check, showed up to set up and found another ward there. Hehe. I'm sorry to your kids though.

BloggingBills said...

Glad you made your own party. Often those are the most fun anyway. Did you guys finally get paid? That's terrible. Hope you're all doing well. Much love to everyone!

Morgan -Ing said...

Dad- no we did not. They swear tomorrow. Blech.

McEuens said...

Oh that is so sad! Their little four-year-old hearts get broken so easily. Way to have good mommy instinct, though!

But I do have to laugh a little bit at the idea of Primary having a pancake breakfast to meet the new teachers. Our entire Primary has only three teachers total, only one third of whom show up every week. We have never had a pancake breakfast. But it sounds nice.

The Wifey said...

Oh that makes me so sad for him! :(

Yasmine said...

Seriously, that's like the worst thing that can happen. Hunter's preschool Christmas party got cancelled because of snow and IT WAS THE END OF THE WORLD!!! Sounds like you handled it well though. A pancake party sounds fun!

BloggingBills said...

Oh baby, I am so sorry!
You could have just had some pancakes on hand and taken them to the park or something......

I think any activities outside of sunday should be cancelled forever!


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