Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A frustrated genius

Don'tcha hate it when you have a fantastic idea for something in the middle of night and wake up and it's just GONE????

Totally happened to me. I was dead asleep after doing two births (kind of, I missed one) in one night/morning, and so when Oliver woke me with piercing screams into the baby monitor, I was like, "GENIUS!"

And now, I don't know why. I know it was an idea for a new blog. And it was a good one, an award-winning one. But like I said, no clue what it was. SO SUPER FRUSTRATING!

Anyone know what it was?


The Wolford Family said...

I love you!!! But you. are. a. DORK!!

Chelsea said...

Zoltron returns? No, that'd be a live-action movie.

The Wolford Family said...

Wait I think I know what you thought of......COME VISIT ME!!!! Yeah that's a genius idea!! You are welcome

BloggingBills said...

I know exactly what you are saying. I plan the BEST lessons and/or projects in the dead of night (usually around 2:43 am which is after the middle-of-the-night bathroom run, give or take a few hours, depending on the number and lateness of diet cokes or other liquids...) and then when I wake up it's only a vague memory. (That's 'vague' in 2 posts in 10 minutes... I am sensing a trend here.)

Anyway, yes, I get the best ideas but I don't want to turn on a light to write them down, because your dad will think the house is afire and wake up in a panic.

Jauna said...

It was me.. that's what it was you wanted to post about me and how we haven't seen each other in what feels like ages.. well it has been over a month and that's just TOO long!!!


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