Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Can it be true?

Two posts in two days. WOW! I am on FIRE!

So, I had to post today because honest-to-goodness, I had to mark this day.

Oliver is six months old today.

I KNOW! I swear to you, dear friend, that never, in all my 26 years of living has time flown like it has the last half-year.


A lot of it is hazy memory of nursing, diapers, and crying. (Oliver, Spencer, Henry... me...) Incredible. My house has never been so trashed. Ever.

At six months old, Oliver:
is 13lbs 13 oz
finally fits in 3-6 month clothes
is sitting unassisted. *He falls a lot though*
eating squished up baby food like it's his job.
charms anyone who will make eye contact with him.
resembles an elf.
sleeps more now than in the past.
nurses still approx. 20 times a day (that is NOT an exaggeration either)
adores his brothers and daddy (and me most days)
melts my heart with his giggles.
eats my hair
cries 90% of the time when you set him down.
scoots backwards unintentionally

Being a mother of three for a mere six months has opened my eyes as to why there is a 5-year gap between me (the third) and my little sister (the fourth.) I'm exhausted. :)

Oliver is just plain adorable. Oh my goodness, he infuriates me with his sleep habits, and the Zantac has saved us both, but despite all that, I can't quite explain how much I love him. He is my bub.

And since we never miss a chance to party, I'm thinking cake will be in order this afternoon.

I can't believe it's been six months! SIX MONTHS! And I'm still so fat it makes me want to cry. (Like how in one breath, I'm all "WE NEED CAKE" and then one second later I'm all, "MY PANTS STILL DON'T FIT!"?) But that is a whole 'nother post. So, I'll spare you my chub-pity-party until another day.

Look at him! He's just a doll.

From September 2009


Amber C said...

Boy oh boy he looks like his brothers! Just remember to breathe and don't sweat the small stuff.

Things will happen when it happens, it just requires patience!

Chelsea said...


We'll be earning rewards points on our checking account that I've already declared ONLY redeemable for Vegas visits. I want to meet your littlest boy SO badly.

We need at least 1500 points, though.
I'll try to buy more stuff.

Until then... CONGRATULATIONS! Believe it or not, you're a mother of three. You're not trying to be one or wishing you were... you ARE. These boys are blessed with phenomenal parents.

Alice said...

Who can resist that face? I sure do love that kid, even when he pukes on me! So glad you had him and continue to keep him, even if he is difficult!

Lindsey said...

He is so cute! We can relate to so many of these things with Blake. That reflux stuff is definitely NOT FUN! It makes life difficult for you and the baby but it will get better. At least that's what we keep telling ourselves. :)

The Wolford Family said...

I want a jello cake please...

Yasmine said...

Holy moly how did he get so old so fast? Didn't you just have him?

Anna said...

your 6 month old is so cute!!! and skinny, I see that he is actually only 1 oz fatter than my babe!! Wow, so cute!!!

Donna said...

Happy Half Birthday to little Oliver... an occasion worth celebrating. I TRY (key word there) to celebrate the boys' half birthdays every year with a half of a cake each (so really we score a whole cake) since their birthdays are in December and don't always get the attention they deserve. Fun family tradition to celebrate half birthdays.


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