Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Blogging on one's phone is not the best.

We have moved. It was ridiculously hot (114) the day we moved and incredibly exhausting.I have decided we are never moving again. I told Derek to just bury me on the back porch when I go because we will live in this little townhouse indefinitely.

We are all sick with summer colds. Also not my favorite thing.

My little sister came to help us move, and we were so glad she could come!

Then my dear friend Maren came through town with her boys and her dad. I hadn't seen her since Henry was six months old! We stayed out way too late and ate cheesecake. YUM!

All in all, we are alive, well except our 'puter. I'll keep you posted. Hahaha! "Posted" hahan get it? On a blog, posted! Ha!


Amber C said...

Morgs, I think you need more cheesecake and Caff. free diet Coke!!

Glad the move went well. I wanted to call and check up on you guys but I didn't dare...I always feel like I have bad timing and would interrupt while driving or something.
I hate summer colds, they are so much worse than winter ones. Glad everyone is otherwise healthy, minus the laptop. Lucky duck that you have 'net on your phone. I don't even have texting. Maybe if I get a job. Love you all! Give my brother a punch in the shoulder for me and the boys all hugs.

Chelsea said...

Great blog title, Morgs. ;-)
I'll laugh really hard if you actually hadn't read /seen the title of my post of the same name; it'd be another downright eerie example of our like-mindedness.


I really don't think you realize how often and with what intensity I day dream of visiting you in Vegas.

It's like 3rd on my list of things I want to get if we get extra money in this lifetime. Aside from a laptop and an actual mattress (not this hunk of loose springs).

Anne said...

Sometimes wouldn't it be nicer to have a house fire than move all those belongings. In fact, just the thought of moving makes me realize I'm not as connected to some of my "treasures" as I thought I was. Anyway, your posts crack me up and I hope all is going well. Here is wishing you many unexpected sleep-filled nights!

Melissa said...

I'm glad to see you still have a sense of humor with all you are going through! Could be worse but maybe not temperature wise. I HATE days over 90. Of course I am also not a winter person at all.

BloggingBills said...

I get it! I;m happy you are finally moved and sorry it's so hot. I thought 100 degrees here was hot!

Try to just enjoy the AC in your house and go slow. Moving is not a sprint, but more of a marathon with frequent rest breaks!

Love ya,


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