Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An extremely important decision

Seriously. It is SO important that I am plunking this out on my phone.

Sam's Club or Costco?

Now, we have been Sam's Club members for a year now and have really enjoyed it. Hello, Pretzel Crisps anyone? So we are certain our membership in a super exclusive-buy-it-bigger club is pretty essential, but which?

We snuck into Costco last night. It was just dandy. Luckily they don't ask for a membership card at the snack bar. But they didn't seem to carry pretzel crisps at all. (If you don't know what those are, I feel sad for you. Basically they flat, crunchy ptretzel chips that make the whole world a better place.) So, Costco has lost points.

BUT their ice cream bars at the snack shack are tripled dipped.

Sam's Club has pretzel crisps but no ice cream bars. They do have lovely triple-berry sundaes (but then again, so does Costco.)

Sam's Club is closer to my house and Walmart (and lets face it, in my world that is important.)

But Costco is right by a Cici's Pizza.

Are you getting a sense for why this is SUCH a HUGE decision? We are talking about a year commitment here people!!!

So, tell me, o wise readers. Which is it? Sams or Costco???


Erin said...

To add to your dilemma-Costco's pizza (from the snack bar) is way better than Sam's Club, BUT it's also a dollar more (at least, it is here).

Costco and I are no longer friends because they ruined the best granola in the universe and I can hold a grudge like no other. However, I do not expect you to also think Costco is evil for this reason.
So, as for actual, relevant advice,Isaac read this cost comparison article a few weeks ago and Sam's Club prices were cheaper; sometimes by quite a bit (especially for frozen foods, dairy and meat).

Anna said...

I agree with Erin, Sam's prices are cheaper and so is the membership cost, but I don't think that part is by more than a little bit. But we had the same dilemma, Costco is closer by a lot, but Sams is cheaper overall so we went with Sam's. Plus our Costco here always has massive lines for the Gas pump, where Sam's doesn't ever seem to have lines at the pump. I also like Costco pizza better!!

Alisha said...

At least in Utah, Sam's is less busy (small mercy). It does seem like Costco gets more variety though. But on the flip side, Sam's holds on to its regulars longer. You don't walk in looking for your pretzel crisps (i.e. vanilla soy milk) to suddenly discover it doesn't exist.

Do you drink a lot of milk? Milk at Sam's is always under $2 - or it has been for the last 7 years of having a card. You can buy it in a quantity of 1. At costco, you have to buy the milk in a package of 2. So what do you need? Truly, if you are going to buy one membership, you could buy the other one as well with the savings in milk throughout the year. It pays for itself.

Good luck!

Alice said...

I say that I have no good answer for you. I was just excited to comment on your post because I was so excited that you had posted. That is right, EXCITED. You are spectacular and I hope all of your good decision making skills will help you here. I like Sam's but I am easy. Don't tell anybody.

Yasmine said...

My loyalty is to Costco since it has supported my family for the last 20 years so I'm no help!

(Me & Jason + $1.50 hot dog and soda = date night!)

Chelsea said...

I'm loyal to Sam's Club ever since my mom strategically planned our trips there so that we could eat all of the free samples and, therefore, have lunch (as opposed to not having lunch at all if we'd been at home). Some of the sample ladies grew to recognize us and gave us extra. They also have a really great produce section year-round.

However, I've actually never been inside a Costco.

BloggingBills said...

Boo, it appears you have gotten some good insights for you to consider in your critical decision making. I'll just add one thing. (Rita, just ignore me.) Costco is a mega contributor to the DNC (Democratic National Committee) And since I disagree with just about everything the democrats stand for, I belong to Sams Club. Plus when we ran Odyssey Sams does a great job of catering to the needs of small business. # other things that have already been mentioned but I'll underscore:Better prices generally, closer to home, less crowded usually. I vote for Sams Club! Good luck with your decision!

Moo said...

I have both a Sam's and a Costco membership because I am indecisive. The Comparison:
Sam's--better selection for businesses and business supplies
Costco--way better produce
Sam's--fewer people, but longer time in line.
Costco--Tons of people, but you get through line taster
I usually come out spending about the same amount of money at both. Some things are cheaper at Costco and some are cheaper at Sam's. I like some things that Costco carries (fabulous smoothies for $1.30 & Raspberry chipotle sauce) and some things that Sam's carries (the best selection of G2 pens).

My advice--just choose one and don't look back. They both have their good and bad points.

Is it worth having both cards? Probably not, but I enjoy it anyway.

John, Kara, Andrew and Grant said...

Costco! But I will openly admit that I'm anti-WalMart (I know how you feel about it though, so sorry :).

Amber C said...

Yay Morgan! Glad you are back to posting! I saw on Facebook that you have your laptop back...Hip hip hooray!

Here in NC Sam's club is 20-30 min away and then some where a little further (I've never found it) is a Costco. In San Antonio we had both at one time or another. I like Sam's club (Like John I'd rather not go to Walmart, but the prices are cheaper so I can't afford to go to anywhere else). I'm not exactly sure why, I just have always liked Sam's better. I've never had quite the line problem as others have listed, but with kids if you are in a hurry or something quick pay and exit could be very important. Sorry I'm not any help, but I vote Sam's club.

The Wolford Family said...

After waiting months to figure out if there was going to be a costco near me (1 hour away) i caved and got a sams card. For me it's what I know I know the products and service. It's closr to mom when I visit and easy to get to for shopping and gas. I vote Sams but once I find something I like I rarelly switch - hello chicken con brocolli menos brocolli!!! Get a sams card and we can go together!!!

BloggingBills said...


I agree with dad about sam'sclub. I also like the fact that it is always always clean.(our costco in MD wasn't always clean). Could the the location though.

Also, dad+pizza+drink=$2.47 per person date night. And you can refill the drinks. Also you can get drinks from the checkuot stand (buy a cup fill it up) for $.87 plus tax. Not gonna lie, I need the caffeine most days.



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