Sunday, June 21, 2009

What is it?

About kids?

Christmas = insanity. Santa, stockings, presents AHHHHH!

Halloween = insanity. Costumes, candy, witches AHHHHHH!!!

Forth of July = insanity. BBQ, Fireworks, independence AHHHH!!

Seriously. My children didn't even really know it was "Father's Day" and yet, they were spectacularly wacky today.

Spencer had to take an early nap because of 1:00 church and therefore was a complete disaster by dinner time.

He also insisted (and if you've ever met Spencer-man you know that he can insist with extreme voracity) that he be permitted to wear his pirate hat to church. I let him. (I did remove it during prayers, which resulted in him yelling, "MY HAT!" at the beginning of every prayer.)

Henry HATED the shoes I asked him to wear. Normally, I wouldn't argue, but I really don't like crocs at church. Call me crazy, but they are just a bit "casual", ya know? So he cried and carried on quite a bit voicing his disgust with gems like, "They squeeze me! I am not all right!"

Henry's balloon popped during a very special primary activity and he melted down faster than Chernobyl. All he wanted was a green balloon, he had it, and then it was gone. Sadness.

Oliver did.not.sleep. from 12:30pm until 5:30. Dang church. The poor baby was so tired and utterly confused as to why no one would just put him in his bed. He was such a doll, so smiley, and the next moment, crying.

After church, I was attempting to make a FABULOUS (if I do say so myself) dinner for Derek on his day of days, but Spencer and Henry wanted the world to know that they were hungry. And my roars of "OUT OF THE KITCHEN NOW!" fell on deaf ears. Derek tried to help, but they were a lost cause. So ultimately the solution was feeding my children large quantities of CHOW MIEN NOODLES whilst I grilled steaks, made potatoes, salad and biscuits.


And STILL they both declared they were dying of starvation but not before they both called CPS on their cruel, heartless mother who was cooking too danged SLOW.

Literally, Spencer was standing next to his high chair saying, "Food! Please eat!" Henry was rolling around, "I need more noodles!"

FINALLY, dinner.

And they wouldn't touch it.

Spencer put chow mien noodles in his milk and licked all the ranch off his salad, and that was it. Henry ate two bites and declared himself done.

At least my sweet husband liked it, and it was HIS dinner.

I know that part of the issue is Sundays are the least restful days of rest at our house. The time of church just makes the whole day hard, and then stack on holidays that are supposed to make people feel all warm and fuzzy (and that's A LOT of pressure), and toddlers general obstinacy and well, it's just a day to remember. Or not.

Either way, our expectations are so low for any kind of family "event" at this point that it didn't bother Derek or I one little bit. It was just a funny day to add to the volumes of our lives.

Happy Father's Day.


McEuens said...

Evan got a yellow balloon at the Life Is Good Festival at the Boston Commons yesterday. It popped on the way home. Oh the meltdown, the tears, the sobbing. Caleb's balloon did not pop (for a while, at least), and just served as a painful reminder to Evan of his loss. And your dinner description sounds hauntingly familiar. Fun times.

Morgan and Derek said...

I know! Kids and balloons, it's so weird. I think it's a combination of the bright colors and the floaty-ness. It's bizarre.

BloggingBills said...

Just make sure you print the blog entries you make because it'll be like a daily journal.


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