Monday, April 20, 2009

Surprise, surprise

If you looked up the word "extrovert" on Wikipedia, you SHOULD find a great big picture of me, smiling cheesily into the camera.

After our very busy two weeks, I'm going through withdrawls, just as I predicted.

And I'm stupid.

Normally, on Mondays afternoon, after naps, the boys play with their friends, and I get some good "girl" time. Derek goes off to work after lunch, and the rest of us get to have fun.

And today, for some reason, I didn't make the "come play!" call. Maybe it's because I had a headache, and I have been hungry all day, and I'm sleep deprived,so I'm not thinking clearly... or because I got busy sorting laundry... or because it was 90 degrees outside... so who knows, but regardless, I didn't call.

So, I ended up realizing it was 5 o'clock and that my kids hadn't gotten to do anything fun today, and I was feeling the social withdrawls keenly.


Sheesh. I NEED PEOPLE. I don't know why I ever let myself forget this. I am a girl who desperately needs to hear and see other people. I need to talk, to listen, to just be around people who "get" me...

So, hopefully, tomorrow, I'll be able to keep the laundry under control, and let my kids and MYSELF out of the house... Let's hope.


Lenaya and Xiana said...

I am so right there with you! Every week I have great intentions of spending a little down time with Xiana at home, but it never happens because, like you, I am too social! We will for sure hang tomorrow. Probably too hot for the park so we will have to figure something else out....yogurt land would be pretty sweet due to the extreme heat :)

Grammy Hagey said...

Wish I could spend more time with you and those beautiful kids. Loved our visit; flying with the creative Henry, hanging with cowboy Spencer and loving on sweet Oliver. Love to you and Derek. Hugs, Grammy H.

jauna said...

we have an appt at 3 today so.... not sure how long it will take hoping we are done by 5 but thats getting late, well not too late, not sure what time we'll be back hopefully not too much after that, but I think Gracie's been looking for Spencer you say his name and she runs to the door.

Yasmine said...

Now I REALLY want to visit you....Oh my poor Morgan!

Amber C said...

I've got a solution.....Move here! Then we can take the kids out and party. There are parks near by, a creek on my neighbors property to go splash in, pools, community center, and all sorts of stuff. I just hate doing it all by myself. The kids love it, but I find it dull when I'm alone and don't enjoy doing those things all the time.

BloggingBills said...

I know that you're a people person, that's no surprise. So do what you need to do. Remember that speaking in 2 and 3 word sentences all day long to boys does not count as talking to 'people'. Come visit us!


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