Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Driven to distraction

So, today I was on the phone with my good friend Maren, talking about placentas (don't roll your eyes, it's a fascinating topic, and if ever get the chance to discuss them with me, I highly recommend it...) and nursing/rocking Oliver and putting a movie on for Henry, when he requested popcorn. No problemo!!!

So, I pop the bag in the microwave for 2 minutes and then completely forgot about. Until the smoke started billowing forth from the microwave.

Bad. Very bad.

Somehow I had hit the wrong button. And this is what we got:

From April 2009

Upon further investigation, it appears I hit the "5" instead of the "2" and really fried it. A lot.

From April 2009

My poor microwave. I cleaned it, but it's still tinted a funky yellow-ish color.

And my poor house STINKS bad. It's been hours and hours and it STILL STINKS. So does my hair... there was A LOT of smoke. Like throat-burning BAD smoke. The smoke detectors never went off... that's probably not good.

My brain is not functioning on a higher level at this point. Scary. I think my brain is slowly disappearing, one baby at time.

And in other news, we went and saw the midwife today. And Oliver is getting chunky, at almost 10 pounds. SO cute.


From April 2009


McEuens said...

I must say two things: (1) When I first glanced at your post I thought for a brief second that the burnt popcorn was actually a picture of a placenta (even though it really looks nothing like one) and (2) Even though I was the one on the phone when the popcorn incident happened, your initial description didn't do it justice. Wow. I've just never seen popcorn looking like that. Sorry I helped contribute to its existence....

DebAnn said...

This happened to me right before having a bunch of friends over... The house smelled amazing... Although I think mine either was a malfunctioning microwave or it broke the microwave, because every time I used the microwave after that it smelled again and smoked... and even oozed some yellow fluid... Hopefully your microwave is ok! :)

Morgan and Derek said...

Deb- yeah, I used it again, later on because Henry STILL wanted popcorn, and nothing smoked, although I was concerned...

Maren- Yeah, it was bad. VERY bad, and this morning, my house still stinks. BAD!

Nathaly said...

I burnt popcorn in my dormroom in college. It made the entire floor stink. Everyone hated me. Sad times.

I hope the smell goes away faster than it does in a college dormroom.

The Wolford Family said...

Nice outfit on Oliver!!!!

BrandonandJeana said...

Baby is so cute and getting bigger already, crazy how fast that happens! I know what you're going through with 3 children...but you got me beat with the 3 boys...but I must say, I think boys are way easier than girls. Just my thought though. Love reading about you guys, keep up the awesome-mom-ness...yeah...i just made that word up.

BloggingBills said...

Cute baby, he's really growing.
As for the popcorn, try cinnamon potpourri on the stove. Or cook more popcorn to get a 'good popcorn' smell.


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