Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What is cool?

Being 38 weeks today! WOOHOO!

Not Cool:
Being pregnant still. :)

Antibiotics for two little boys with ear infections.

Not Cool:
Two little boys with ear infections and a total of 4 hours worth of doctor visits/waiting rooms to get told something I already knew!

The fabulous PA today, whom Henry kept calling the "nice doctor" who gave us beautiful gifts like numbing ear drops.

Not Cool: The TERRIBLE ped office we went to on Friday for Spencer's ear infection. AWFUL!

Cool: Switching Ped offices today with absolutely no fuss or issue. YAY!

Not Cool:
Having to drive an hour to get to said awesome Ped office.

Does anyone else think the word "cool" looks bizarre by now?

Not Cool:
Needing naps! Badly!

The end.


Chelsea said...

I hope your poor boys don't wind up like childhood me--having ear infections ALL the time. Although, I did like the bubblegum-flavored amoxicillin. It makes me sad that they give me pills now.

BloggingBills said...

Cool: being able to stay home with your kids and not feeling guilty that you are at 'work' while someone else deals with their aches and pains.

Not cool: being a stay at home mom with 4 hours of sleep in 2 days, a kicking young'un in your belly and virtually no sleep on the horizon between now and when said young'un pops out! (And no sleep after!)


TJDKG said...

WAIT it took you an hour to get to the dr's which dr did you go to??

TJDKG said...

ps incase you didnt realize tjdkg is me.. you know tod, jauna, david, kyleigh, gracie.. niche huh. lol but no blog to go along with it.

Morgan and Derek said...

Jauna- Fort Apache, but it only took an hour because I was WAYYYYYY east at the Midwife office.And I had to drive 20 miles WEST. Otherwise, it shouldn't EVER take an hour. :) No worries.


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