Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So, today, at KMart, the cashier asked us (Derek was with us) "Boy or Girl?"

I told her, "Boy!" and (no lie) she looked right at Derek and said (are you ready?)

"Boy, what's wrong with you?"

Yup, totally blamed Derek. That was definitely a first.

And now it's time to play that fun and exciting new game, "What is Spencer saying?"

Spencer has a new sentence.

It is:


And that literally is a four word sentence.

Can you guess what it is?

I'll give you a hint.


Whitney said...

Morgan--it is about time someone blamed Derek!!! It IS the man who determines the gender. Sounds like justice served to me!

(P.S....my sister with 5 kids who lives in the middle east has done a lot of traveling since they have been over there...I think they got the most stares in all parts of Europe as the seven of them would get on and off trains and buses and eat together in restaurants..I think the French were the most "struck" by what they saw due to the stares the received--I on the other hand am starting to feel the stares at church from those who don't know my full situation and are thinking, "those sinners are putting off their multiplying and replenishing they were commanded to do when they were sealed." Isn't it fun to be the receptor of stares and judgements?)

Kara said...

That's so funny that she totally blamed Derek. I'm kind of amazed at the boldness of what people will say sometimes.

Oh, and Spencer's saying is "To Infinity and Beyond!" right? Kate says it so funny too. Will taught her to say it while jumping off the couch ... silly kids.

Morgan and Derek said...

Whitney- Derek will be so thrilled to know you blame him too. ;) And I hear you on the whole "jugdgement" thing! It stinks.

Kara- You WIN! It's hysterical.

Chelsea said...

My guess is "Please turn Buzz on"?

Or something like it. Your boys are obsessed.

Alice said...

To Infinity and Beyond. Classic. I still remember Zack doing that at every house one year as he jumped off the porch after trick or treating. Fun times in your family. LOVE IT. Can't wait for April and seeing you again!

Brian and Kelsey said...

its too infinity and beyond. Your boys are adorable. How long do your labors usually last? I am trying to plan so I can keep your kids busy while you have the baby. I am queen babysitter...really your boys are going to beg to have me every time a baby sitter comes over...

Morgan and Derek said...

5-7 hours from active to baby, Kelsey. But, they say third babies are unpredictable.


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