Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Let's go buy a kite!

As promised (to myself anyway) my boys and I spent the WHOLE afternoon at the park. Well, two parks actually. But still.

First, we went to a new park, which was fabulous, with great slides and stairs and ladders, etc. And the boys ran and ran.

THEN, someone got out some kites and they just sat there and watched. Henry asked whatever happened to his Elmo kite. (The fact that he can recall that he ever had an Elmo kite is shocking since it's been a year since we've flown it.) Since, I didn't know where the Elmo kite ended up when we moved, I suggested we go to Target and get a new kite. It was a perfect windy day, great for kite flying.

So, we did.

I was wondering how in the world I'd get this kite off the ground on my own, but I figured it'd work.

So, after an extremely speedy trip to Target where a Buzz Lightyear kite was purchased, we went to a NEW park with better flying space.

Spencer's interest in the kite was limited to the fact that Buzz was on it. In fact, he would get really mad at me when the kite would fly up because then he couldn't HOLD Buzz.

From March 2009

And Henry's interest waned just as soon as he realized that kite flying, in actuality, is boring. Digging in the dirt with a stick is much better.

From March 2009

And finally, a bum shot. I do not know to whom the bum on the left belongs, but Spencer is on the right. They laid there for a while "talking" about something. I don't know what.
From March 2009

We played at two different parks ALL afternoon, and they were tired when I threw them in bed tonight.

I love those kind of days... the ones where I feel like they used up all their little boy energy just the way little boys should.

Running around screaming.



Amber C said...

I love parks! Here we have a couple of parks to go to and let the kids run around. My kids love parks! Congrats on keeping the promise and letting them run around like crazy kids. Mine will get their chance soon enough! It's still a little too cold here for staying out at the park long.

Yasmine said...

You're lucky your weather is good. I've had rain everyday this week, so my kids get their running and screaming my house.

Morgan and Derek said...

Yeah, I'm enjoying it until it gets too hot. Then I have no idea what I'm going to do.


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