Saturday, January 10, 2009

A lesson learned

Unless you desire to OWN a ruined library book about going wee-wee in the potty, do not, I repeat, DO NOT leave it on the back of the toilet, where your 17 month old can reach it... during his bath.

I wonder how much books from the library about going wee-wee in the potty cost....

There is no saving this book.

But, Henry has gone two days without any accidents and with no promptings from me to use the bathroom. I'd call that potty trained, BABY!



McEuens said...

Well, at least it was ruined by the bath and not the uh, wee wee.

Nathaly said...

YAY!!!! That's awesome Morgs! Way to go Henry for making it so easy!

Morgan and Derek said...

Maren- yes, I admit the bathwater is better than other... fluids.

Nat- Yeah, it didn't FEEL easy, but I realize after only a week, that it wasn't so bad. :)


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