Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why oh why

are some days so much harder than others? Many days, I have happy, cooperative kids (yesterday for example), and when those days draw to a close, I'm left happy, tired and grateful.


Today, I am tired and grateful, yes. I'm grateful for my handsome sons, and their bubbly, shining personalities. And I am grateful that they are in BED. What dolls they are MOST of the time.


I don't know if it is all my fault or not. I did try to get them to eat oatmeal for breakfast. Whoops.

From Wednesday

Do not be fooled by that smile. They wouldn't touch the actual oatmeal. The BERRIES were a hit, but the oatmeal was a flop.

From Wednesday

So, we started off bad.

And Henry wouldn't listen! I totally get that he wants to help me do everything, but seriously, every time I head toward the kitchen for whatever reason (usually it's to feed the fetus) he starts pushing chairs around the kitchen declaring, "I HELP YOU MOM!" Most of the time, this is fine, but today, it was not.

Perhaps, it's because I have become an insomniac and am not sleeping.

Then, in an attempt to defunk the day, we went to the grocery store. I graciously bought three large chocolate chip cookies for us. And Spencer promptly threw a tantrum. WHY? Because I had the GALL and the AUDACITY to BREAK OFF PIECES FOR HIM. That's right, my 14 month old wanted the whole dang thing. It was a large cookie. He wouldn't accept ANY piece, not even the BIG ones.

Maybe my boys are not being any more rambunctious than usual and I am GRUMPY and NAUGHTY one.

Perhaps it is the fact that I have a headache which I have had for days.

I tend to think that is probably the case.

And why, oh why are there CRICKETS all over MY FREAKING HOUSE????

I think that I had better log off and put myself to bed. After, of course, I eat something.


Anna said...

How far along are you now and do you know the gender?

Diane said...

The hard days make it so tough. On those days I have to remember what Ty's stepmom always says. "The worst days at home are better than the best days at work." Remember this season is short in the grand scheme of things and that your children will be sooo much better off because of you and the mom that you are to them. Good luck! We miss you guys!

Jonathan said...

Sorry about your rough day!! We have those too--like yesterday! Hopefully tomorrow will be better!!

McEuens said...

Poor Morgan! I hope today is better. And maybe you should get that headache thing checked out, just in case.... Have you found a midwife yet?

Erin said...

Crickets? Oh. I would die...I hate them so crunchy...argh....
And, ditto to Maren-maybe you should see the dr. about that headache thing.

Morgan and Derek said...

Anna- I'll be 17 weeks on Monday and we're trying very hard to be strong and not find out the gender. In theory we want to be surprised.

No, I haven't found a midwife yet, but I do have a doctor's appt on Monday and an Ultrasound tomorrow. I am almost 100% sure I will NOT stay with this doc, but I haven't seen anyone yet and since I'm still interviewing midwives, I thought I better get in with SOMEONE to check the baby. :)

Diane- We miss you! How's Wichita?

Jen- I always know you'll relate. :) Love ya!

Brian and Kelsey said...

Im sorry sister. I know how you feel about the constant headache. Let me know if you need anything. We are super close.
Love Ya!

BloggingBills said...

Well, I don't know what to do about the crickets. I suppose in some cultures it would be considered a delicacy that you didn't have to order out for.

And Boo Boo head, remember that there are only 2 of them. Soon there will be 3 of them! So enjoy the peace and quiet for now! :)

I remember one day when you were a newborn and your dad was in the field and I was home alone forever......

You get the picture.

Love ya and hang in there!



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