Sunday, October 19, 2008

All things must come to an end...

Alice had to go home today. My poor boys. Henry asked me where Alice had gone at bedtime. Sad day. But, of course, she has a life in Utah. We are sure glad she came to visit though.

So, Alice was kind enough to carve us a Scooby pumpkin and it is AWESOME!

From End of Alice weekend

What an amazing aunt my boys have. (I like how Alice convienently points out her non-biological status when it helps her out, like how I'm not allowed to whack her on the rear end like I do all my OTHER sisters... but when it comes to her NEPHEWS well, she'll carve a complicated pumpkin just for them... whatever, double standard. :) )

In other news, Henry picked out some "big boy" underwear this weekend, in hopes that someday he'll use the potty. But so far, he's wet himself 6 times and Spencer has made good use of the other 6 pair.

From End of Alice weekend

(Don't mind the dirty pink t-shirt, it's his PJs.)

I said, "Henry, smile!"

From End of Alice weekend

And that is what I got.

Tonight, I was bathing the kids and keeping my distance.

From End of Alice weekend

because they were splashing like insane people.

This is me trying to not show my irritation. Sigh.

From End of Alice weekend

So, while we had a blast all weekend, sadly tomorrow it is back to the grindstone. Oh well.

I'm considering going to a Sarah Palin rally here in town on Tuesday. That might be kinda cool. I'll keep you posted...

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BloggingBills said...

The "Smile Henry" pic looks like he has earrings!



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