Wednesday, August 13, 2008

117 boxes

is how many I have packed.

Why do I know? Because I have carefully labeled every single box, with a number, a color code, which room it belongs in and what the inside contains.

Why did I do this?

Well, if you must know because two years ago when we moved to Kansas, we got robbed. BLIND. It took me almost a week, A WEEK, to realize that our vacuum was missing. So, I am not going to miss stuff this time. Each and every box will be accounted for.

I'm basically done. I have a few boxes left to do next week, right before we go.


I'm awaiting my last Kansas doula baby. Baby is due today and Mom thinks she's in labor. Hurray! It's a real bummer though since Derek isn't here. I'll have to call my neighbor to come sleep on my couch, should I get called out in the dark of night. I tried to help Henry understand that if he needed something in night, it MIGHT be Jeremy who's here with him. But he didn't care for that idea and tried to lock me in his room before he went to sleep. Poor kid. Maybe the baby will wait until tomorrow day, which would be better.


Anna said...

Did you use a moving company when you moved to Kansas? That is awful!! You'll have to let me know how it goes. Good luck!!!

Morgan and Derek said...

No, not when we moved to KS, so we've learned from our mistakes. :)

BloggingBills said...


I am proud of your for the color coded numbering system of boxes which you totally stole from me!

It only gets worse when you move because, well, you get more stuff and more kids!

So enjoy apartment living and moving for now because moving a whole house is a bummer.

Vegas is hot, hot, hot. Ummmm, be glad you have a nice 3 badroom apartment to move to because did I mention it's hot?

The car is great. Tomorrow school starts. Pray for me!

Drive safe and we'll mail your birthday to the new house!


Yasmine said...

You are so organized!!! When we moved into this house I lost all my fall decorations. It STILL boggles my mind how that box got lost and I'm STILL bugged about it 4 years later. So, good for you!


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