Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wrap Up


Theater camp is nearly done. One more show, clean up (we call that "Strike" in the theater world...) and a pizza party. Then, we shall be done. WOW! Time flies and theater camp has nearly killed me. But that's all right. I need to put a bunch of pictures up but I can't yet, so you will all just have to wait until Monday.

The highlights of our three weeks in Wisconsin are as follows:

Camp starting and Derek promptly getting sick for two day. Yeah, that was helpful.

Spencer learning to walk. ADORABLE! He' getting better every day.

Henry saying every morning on our way, "I want to go to the castle, I don't like the kids." He loves the Mabel Tainter Theater but dislikes the HUGE mass of children.

Drinking so much Diet Coke to get through each day, that I'm surprised I haven't been offered a job with them...

Eating out every single day has made me hate eating out.

Staying with the Donhowes is too much fun. My kids adore them! Henry makes them jump on the trampoline every evening when we get home. We had a show and didn't get home until 9:30 last night and he was insistent that they go jump. I had to say no, it was DARK!

Shoving my entire family in one bedroom...

Sleeping on a double bed with my 7ft tall husband. At least I'm not pregnant...

Eating dinner at Zanzibar with the Mabel Tainter crew. I miss working with them!

Discovering that the reason my vocal cords do not work is due to acid reflux. YUCK!

Flying kids on stage. Dude, that is so awesome.

Henry started saying, "I love you too!" every time he says "I love you" whether someone said it to him first or not. VERY funny.

Spencer saying "Please hat" to everyone who wears a hat. He says it in sign language and it is so cute.

Spencer saying, OUT LOUD "Hat" and "Ball"

Henry loves to go to "New Cheeseburger" which is McDonalds. At home, we do not eat at McDonalds, but here we do. It has an indoor play place. And you can bet your sweet bibpy (I don't know what a bibpy is...) that we go there everyday to decompress after camp. The staff all recognizes us now. I don't care. Of course, Henry is going to go through withdrawls from "New Cheeseburger" starting tomorrow. But it was worth it.

My cool theater campers. They are really quite good this year.

Carrying a bed down a flight of stairs all by myself. That was pretty tough.

Running tech for my own show. I have literally never done that before. (I've run tech, just not for a show I directed...) But, I had to have kids fly (Literally) on stage, so we needed extra hands.

Henry throwing up all over his bed... Gross.

Forgetting to choreograph the bows until ten minutes before the show. WHOOPS!

Saying a bad word in front of all the kids after realizing I forgot the do the bows. WHOOPS again.

Going to church in Menomonie. It's an experience...

Driving past my old house on 4th. Good times.

Driving past my old house on Mathews. WOW, that was long ago.

Getting lost. Yes, I lived in Menomonie for two years, and I got lost.

Derek getting sick again (we're talking stomach flu) the day of the show.

Having three kids get the stomach flu...

Henry getting stuck under the bed at the house...

Choreographing. I make it up as I go along, it's so fun!

Watching a 13 year old girl have her "Rock Star" moment on stage. I love my job!

Henry getting to talk to "Ebett" (Everhett)on the phone. He tells Everhett, "I can't come play at your house" every time they talk.

Selling out every show.

Okay, I'll stop now. I could go on and on. I always wonder why I sign up for this summer gig. Then I remember as soon as the first show ends and it was awesome. I'm addicted. That's why.


The Wolford Family said...

Morgan I'm so glad you've had a good time. And I happy that you didn't have to do it alone and you had Derek. Travel home safe and enjoy packing!!! I HATE IT!!!

BloggingBills said...

Wow, except for the sicness, it sounds like an absolutley wonderful adventure for you and your family! Safe Travels home!
Much love,

Matt and Carolyn said...

Wow Morgan! That sounds like quite the trip!

I'm curious- how did Derek get stuck under the bed?? hahahah that sounds like a funny story!

Yay for Spencer walking! woo! You'll have to post a video.

Kara said...

Spencer can walk?? How cute is that! I can't believe he's even big enough to do such a thing! I love all your experiences you posted about. Sounds like you had a great time this summer. I'm excited to have your back around more.

BloggingBills said...

Wow Boo Boo Head:

What a terrific time you had at camp! I'm sure you'll miss doing it in Menomonie, but you'll probably find a way to direct children's theater in Vegas! Who knows, you could headline somewhere cool!

Love ya,


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