Friday, June 6, 2008

The time has come...

to buy a "mom" swim suit.

Now, I fought it for a freaking long time, TWO babies-worth, I fought it. But it's just not worth it anymore.

Allow me to explain.

I am not fat. I can honestly, truely say it, finally. I am not fat, but I have also have two children. Please understand, I dearly love my sweet, sweet boys. But, they were big and fat when they were born. It makes for ADOREABLE, rolly-polly baby boys who have cheeks for miles and rolls that make the Michelin Man jealous.


I am a normal sized gal, and the big-fatness of my babies caused my poor body to become scarred with stretch marks.

(Poo on all my beautiful friends who don't have any after having children, poo on my mother for that matter. She had five babies and swears she has none, but whatever.)

So, the skin that was required to stretch to make room for my toddler-sized children is now destroyed. Two-piece suits are out.

(Remember, please that I would never actually have the self-confidence to WEAR a 2-piece, but even if I ever wanted to, I could not wear one, the road map on my tummy would frighten the babies in the baby pool.)

Fine, so just wear your regular old one piece right?


I have stretch marks, BAD ones on my upper thighs. BAD! So, just wear shorts, right?


I refuse to swim in shorts.

But, Morgan, why?


Because, I think that shorts scream to all the beautiful mommies in their bikinis at the baby pool that I am insecure.

I am NOT insecure. No, I am quite secure in the fact that my body is NOT cool, dude. I know it. I am NOT wearing shorts.

But, no one should have to watch me waddle around the baby pool with my pasty white legs for all the world to see.

SO, enter the mom suit.

This suit is a miracle. I won't lie.

It's a tankini, but it is LONG! The stretch marks are hidden, and I am wearing a suit that I can wade around in happily, knowing that while I'm not pretty like that skinny little Mama with three kids over there, I at least am not frightening anyone's kids.

So there. I have a mom suit. And I've made my peace with it. I loved my beautiful purple swim suit that I have had since I was 18, but I just need a bit... more...

Sad day.


Anna said...

I feel ya, I just bought a $100 Modbe swim suit, Tankini and then I splurged and bought a swim skirt to go with it. I know $100 is a little much for something to wear only in the water but I feel fabulous in it and it hides all parts I want hid. We are going to the Rec center swimming today and I'm so excited to wear it.

Anna said...

oh and I want to see a picture of the suit

Sara said...

Hey ya, where's the suit! You need to post a picture of you and your hot mamma bod in it ;)

Yasmine said...

Ha! I am so in that club. I could be PRESIDENT of that club! I have a few mom suits and just barely threw out my old pre-baby swimwear that I naievely thought I would someday fit into again. I've finally accepted that's never gonna happen! (I think we've hit a major milestone now! Let's embrace!)

Lund Family said...

Yeah, where's the picture? i bet you look so hot in it!

Marcelo and Nathaly said...

Wait, what? A mom suit? I can't even picture it. I'm intrigued. I need a new swimsuit so bad. I would love a long tankini. Where can I find one?


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