Sunday, April 27, 2008

It has happened...

For about a year and a half now, we've made it a point to have prayers with Henry. For the entire 18 month endeavor, our dear little man has refused, whole-heartedly, so say any prayers himself. He'll listen quietly, arms folded, eyes closed while someone else says the prayer, but he could not be convinced to say it himself.

Part of his problem is that he is not a parrot. You can try it sometime, if you're with him. I dare you to say, "Henry say, 'Hi!'". He will look at you and say, "NO!" He just talks when he wants to.

So, after I had said family prayer last night, I did what I always do, and said, "Henry would you like to say a prayer now?" To my surprise, he said, "Yes!"

Then, I figured, he wouldn't say anything.


Here is what followed:

Me: Okay, say what Mommy says. Dear Heavenly Father....

Henry: Deee Heennnyyy Fada

Me: Thank you for today....

Henry: Tank you today

Me: Thank you for Daddy....

Henry: Tank you for water

Me: Thank you for Spencer

Henry: Tank you for my water

Me: Thank you for Mommy

Henry: Tank you for my water bahdol (bottle)

Me: Thank you for my water bottle

Henry: Tank you for my water bahdol (bottle)

Me: In the name...

Henry: Jeee Criss AMMMMEEENNN! Mama! I said the prayer.


You see, we went to a garage sale yesterday and got him a water bottle with a baseball on it for 10 cents, and he was VERY grateful for it. Despite the content, I was thrilled beyond words that my little son FINALLY said a prayer. So much so that I fully admit to tearing up. It was totally awesome.


Chels said...

That is ADORABLE! It's precious.
Also, that's going to be a very endearing, silly story to tell years from now. "Henry's first prayer was about a 10 cent watter bottle with a baseball on it." You can't help but chortle a little. It's far too cute.

Lindsey said...

Yea Henry!! That is so cute! It is so fun that kids get so excited about the littlest things like water bottles!

John, Kara and Andrew said...

Haha, that's so cute!! Andrew is the same way...he just will not repeat prayers for some reason! This gives me hope. :)

Anna said...

Good job Henry!!!! Its exciting when they say there first prayer. Now he'll be wanting to say all the prayers. Mikelle says nearly every prayer in our house, if I say one then we end up having 2 because she just has to say one too.


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