Wednesday, February 27, 2008

why is it...

that when I desperately need my children to GO TO SLEEP they absolutely refuse to do so??? Here I sit on my boys' bedroom floor, having JUST gotten Spencer down after an HOUR and Henry, well, I'm still waiting on. I need to sew 4 slings, do the dishes and put laundry away. Can I? NO! So, instead, I blog. i wish that Henry was one of those kids that you can just lay down and walk away from, and he'll drift off to sleep. HA! He's never done that in his life. I wonder, if when he is 15, I'll still be singing, "I am a Child of God" and shh'ing him to sleep? Anyone want to guess when he'll grow out of it??? I'm seriously leaning toward puberty at this point. And most nights, he still wakes up and toddles into our room and sleeps on my floor. (Yes, he has pillows and blankets there, so fear not). I read of a 12 year old boy who did that. I'm not excited about doing this for 10 more years. It is very frustrating.

Now he is talking to himself. SHHHHHHHHH! (Grrrrrr)

I am so excited. I got a new doula client, another one for the birth center. I am SO thrilled to do out-of-hospital births. I adored my birthing experience at the birth center with Spencer and I am SO excited to do doula-work there. I'm starting to feel like a REAL doula, one with experience to boot.

Oh my gosh, go to sleep HENRY!

Derek is off supervising little student therapists, so I really need to get my child to SLEEP so I can get something done.

Well, there is no hope for me. My motivation is wanning and I'm really p.o.ed. I HATE it when he does this.



B Family said...

I'm so glad my child is not the only one with sleep issues. She ends up in our room EVERY night. She too has a pillow and blankets on our floor. Seriously, she probably lasts 2 hours in her bed. URGH! I feel for you girl!

Morgan and Derek said...

That seriously does make me feel better. It's nice to know we're not alone. :)

Chels said...

I went through a sleeping on the floor phase. I seem to remember growing out of it COMPLETELY by age 8. And I'm pretty sure that from 5 or 6 on it wasn't nightly anymore. Just thank God Henry doesn't have night terrors like I did.


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