Friday, February 29, 2008

The bane of my existence.

I am generally a happy person, quite happy in fact, most days, I'm downright joyful, truly.

You could safely assume that an appropriate theme song for my life would go something like this:

aint nothin gonna break my stride
nobodys gonna slow me down
oh no, Ive got to keep on moving
aint nothing gonna break my stride
Im runnin in a one touch ground
oh no, Ive got to keep on moving

That is of course until it comes to laundry.

Laundry, of all things, ruins my day. I try to not let it, but heck, it just happens. You have to sort it, load it, dry it, REsort it, put it away, eiyiyi.

It's just TOO much. It's constant. The minute I feel "done" then there is more.

On laundry days, my theme song is,

aint nothing gonna break my stride,
oh crap, gotta put a load in!
aint nothing gonna break my stride,
shoot, now it's time to sort!
I've got to keep on folding!

It stinks. I hate it. If I had a maid, she would do only laundry and sometimes dishes.

Stupid laundry.

Other than laundry, I exist is a blissful state.

Until Henry flushes something down the toilet...


Mike, Anna, Mikelle and Kaylee said...

I feel your pain. My poor laundry room has two laundry baskets that have clean clothes in them...I won't tell you how long they have been their. Doing the laundry isn't as much of a problem for me its folding it and putting it away. If I were rich that would be the one job I would hire someone to do. I don't even mind cleaning the toilet as much as I detest the laundry.

Alice said...

AMEN!!!!!!!! I hate laundry. Just be glad you do not have to load it up and take it too the laundrymat which adds two things to the whole mix. Bring to car, take back to car!

Erin said...

I am blessed with the most wonderful husband in the world. He loves to do the laundry and so I let him. He also likes to clean bathrooms. Which he is doing right now, actually. So, I don't have to do the two things I hate the most! :-)

Yasmine said...

I wish my husband liked to clean bathrooms. I actually do enjoy laundry though. The folding part lets me sit and relax and watch TV for a little while. That song reminds me of Young Ambassador camp!

Morgan and Derek said...

Yaz- of course it does! That's where I got it from! HAHAH! Ah, good times.

John, Kara and Andrew said...

The bane of my existence is dishes! Oh how I hate them (though laundry is awful too...our clean laundry is usually still sitting unfolded in the basket a week later when it's time to do laundry again). If it weren't for dishes, I'd do a whole lot more cooking. I need a live in maid...


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